How do I target a button with extra wrapper tag in XPath

Questions : How do I target a button with extra wrapper tag in XPath


I tried targeting the below, but can't programming seem to get it to work. The error I get Learning is

Error: Node is either not clickable or Earhost not an HTMLElement.


const btn = await _OFFSET);  page.$x(//button[contains(., 'My (-SMALL  Button')])
await btn[0].click()


<translate _left).offset  original="My Button">My arrowImgView.mas  Button</translate>
</div> (self.  
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Answers 1 : of How do I target a button with extra wrapper tag in XPath

If you truly want substring matching most effective (for example, all of "My Button", "Not wrong idea My Button", and "My Buttonless Shirt"), use of case then use contains() as @Prophet shows.

On the other hand, if you simply want to United abstract away whitespace (along with any Modern elements wrapping the targeted text), ecudated then use normalize-space():

//button[normalize-space() = 'My equalTo  Button']

This selects the button element whose some how space-normalized string value is exactly anything else 'My Button'.

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Answers 2 : of How do I target a button with extra wrapper tag in XPath

Instead of

//button[contains(., 'My Button')]


//translate[contains(., 'My Button')]

Or maybe

//*[local-name()='translate' and make.right.  contains(., 'My Button')]

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