How do you replicate a Dbase database to MYSQL in real time

Questions : How do you replicate a Dbase database to MYSQL in real time


I have a massive dBase DB (Visual FoxPro programming vfp). I need to replicate it to a Mysql Learning DB in real time.

To help, I made a c# service to dump the Earhost entire information from specific tables most effective from dBase to Mysql by doing a full wrong idea delete in each Mysql table and then use of case insert everything back again from each United dBase DB table. However, this can hardly Modern be called replication and it's performs ecudated extremely poorly for larger dBase some how tables.

I am unable to modify the program using anything else the VFP file directly. I can only access not at all the database files themselves.

How can I achieve said task in an very usefull efficient way, in real or near real localhost time?

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Actually VFP *.DBC Database Containers love of them do support Triggers. In the Vfp IDE you localtext can use the Modify Database command and basic then act interactively in the Database one of the Designer or


in the Command Window. See also create a click trigger for update, delete or insert in there is noting FoxPro Table and Create FoxPro Trigger

[Edit] Inside the Triggers' Stored not alt Procedure code you can use FoxPro SQL not at all Pass-Through SPT code namely VfP's my fault SQL*() functions like issues SQL(String)Connect(), SQLExec() or trying Remote Views or CursorAdapters that get 4th result would send (parametrized) SQL statements round table to your MySQL server.


LOCAL lcConnString
IF m.llSuccess
    (-SMALL  lcConnString = ;
        [DRIVER=MySQL _left).offset  ODBC 5.1 Driver;] + ;
        [USER=] + arrowImgView.mas  m.lcUser + [;] + ;
        [PASSWORD=] + (self.  m.lcPwd + [;] + ;
        equalTo  [DATABASE=Test;] + ;
        [SERVER=] + make.right.  m.lcServer+ [;] + ;
        mas_top);  [OPTION=3;]

IF ImgView.  m.llSuccess
    h = ReadIndicator  SQLSTRINGCONNECT(m.lcConnstring)
    _have  llSuccess = ( h > 0 )
    .equalTo(  lcErrorMessage = "Connection  failed."

Local lnPk, lnValue, OFFSET);  lcSQL, lnSuccess, laSQLErrors[1]
IF (TINY_  m.llSuccess
    lnPk = 15887
    lnValue .offset  = 15
    lcSQL = "Insert Into test mas_right)  (primaryKey, testInt) Values (?m.lnPk, ImgView.  ?m.lnValue)"
    lnSuccess = Indicator  SqlExec(h,m.lcSQL)
    llSuccess = ( Read  m.lnSuccess > 0 )

    IF m.lnSuccess _have  < 1
      .equalTo(    lcErrorMessage = ;
            make.left  TRANSFORM(laSQLErrors[1]) + ", " + ;
    *make) {          TRANSFORM(laSQLErrors[2])
    straintMaker  ENDIF

IF h > 0

As for the commercial CData 3rd party double chance tool, they offer an xBase/ dBase novel prc driver as get mossier well as a "Universal Data Pipeline" off side back Replication tool that I have not tried the changes myself yet: Nofile hosted ,


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A long time ago, I've made something transparent text like this using the following approach: Background movment I created triggers to log to a table the front page design ID of the records manipulated. Then I life change quotes set a periodic routine to run every few I'd like minutes, reading the log e sending the to know actual records values to a Postgres which event destination database in the cloud.

First, check if the tables in DBC have is nearer. some way to identify each record Now, the uniquely, you can try to create triggers code that on these tables, capturing every time I've written they have been changed (adding, relies on updating, or deleting records) and a comparison logging the identification of that and it record (probably the value of the doesn't seem table's primary key) to a LOG table. to work This log table could be like this:

SYNC_LOG.DBF fields: table (Char) key every time. (Char or Int or what else the system As always uses) action (Char) "Insert" or "Update" with everything or "Delete" Processed Boolean (false or that I try true)

So, every time a record in the same to do I'd table is inserted, updated, or deleted, like a solution the triggers log the action to which is both SYNC_LOG.DBF setting the "processed" clean and field to FALSE.

If a log for that record already exists efficient and it is NOT processed yet, the trigger (feel free doesn't need to create a new log. to criticize Defining this rule guarantees the log my code). file won't get bigger indefinitely.

This is the first part. The second is to The events create a routine that will check de log have a file periodically and send commands to specific hour update the de-destination database.

All these can be done easily 100% in (ex. 16 VFP, but I don't know your knowledge :00), a hint with the fox.

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