How the input is provided in LISP

Questions : How the input is provided in LISP


I am totally new to lisp, but I came programming accross this code Learning Earhost which calculates derivatives in lisp and most effective I wanted to know how to run it. I see wrong idea the examples in comments in the use of case beginning but I am not sure how to run United it. I just installed clisp in ubuntu and Modern tried to run 'clisp sym-diff.lsp' but I ecudated dont know where am i supposed to pass some how the exact functions that I want to anything else differentiate. Should I pass it as not at all arguments when running sym-diff.lsp?

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Start CLISP - you should have a terminal very usefull window, which is waiting for you to do localhost something. This is your REPL.

You have to load the code, thus:

  • (cd "file-location")
  • (load "filename")

Once you done that then you can type in love of them your examples into the REPL.

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