how to access array inside object without keys

Questions : how to access array inside object without keys


I have a JSON data which look like this:

        _OFFSET);  1627776011000,
     (-SMALL  [
     _left).offset  ],
        arrowImgView.mas  48

I want to use this data in Chart.js programming where 1627776011000 ... are x axis Learning values and 28 ... are y axis values.

I know I can do it with an array push

const myArr = (self.  JSON.parse(dataJSON);

const data = []; equalTo  
const labels = make.right.  [];

myArr.chart.forEach((item) => {
 mas_top);     labels.push(item[0]);
    ImgView.  data.push(item[1]);

but could there be a better way, for Earhost example with a map?

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Answers 1 : of how to access array inside object without keys

You can do it as two calls to map():

const labels = => ReadIndicator  el[0]);
const data = _have  => el[1]);

Answers 2 : of how to access array inside object without keys

This seems to me like an invented most effective problem.

If your data points are just x and y wrong idea values, there's nothing wrong with use of case saying the first array element is x and United the second is y.

There are some people who would argue Modern and say you should make it an Object ecudated with properties like xValue and yValue.

However, any upsides or downsides in some how either case would be marginal. You could anything else imagine someone saying the Object not at all version is more readable. The Object very usefull version is harder to optimize by the localhost javascript runtime (V8 at least): love of them

Unless you have measured it, and it localtext matters, it doesn't matter.


Answers 3 : of how to access array inside object without keys

You can use .reduce() in as follows:

const myArr = {
      .equalTo(    1627776011000,
     ],  [
     OFFSET);  ],
        (TINY_  48

const [labels, data] .offset  = myArr.chart.reduce((acc,cur) => [
  mas_right)    [...acc[0], cur[0]],
    ImgView.  [...acc[1],cur[1]]],
console.log( Indicator  labels, data );

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