How to access reactjs usestate value in global scope

Questions : How to access reactjs usestate value in global scope


I have the following reactJS code -

    const _OFFSET);  getinterviewerDetails= async ()=>{
   (-SMALL     const data1 = await _left).offset  axios.get("http://localhost:8083/api/GetProduct")
 arrowImgView.mas       .then(response => {
        (self.  console.log("role is equalTo  "[0].role)
        make.right.  setinterviewerDetails(
    mas_top);      var cars =,
        ImgView.  result = cars.reduce(function (r, a) {
  ReadIndicator            r[a.role] = r[a.role] || [];
  _have            r[a.role].push(a);
            .equalTo(  return r;
        },  Object.create(null));
        OFFSET);  console.log("result is : ",result);
     (TINY_     console.log(interviewerDetails)
    .offset  })
    .catch(error => { mas_right)  console.log(error) })
    ImgView.  setinterviewerDetails(data1);
  Indicator  getinterviewerDetails();

From which I need to get the result programming value in the global scope, out of a Learning useEffect function. I tried doing so Earhost just by declaring the variable from most effective outside of the function scope and then wrong idea initializing it from with useEffect use of case scope. But, it was giving value as United undefined. How can I get it done? I just Modern need to access result value from global ecudated scope.

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I think one way is to create context some how ( anything else and put your variable inside of it.

Other way is to declare your variable by not at all useState in parent component and pass very usefull setState function to child component

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