How to change the tui-color-picker default color using @toast-uireact-image-editor

Questions : How to change the tui-color-picker default color using @toast-uireact-image-editor


I'm using the programming Learning library for a image edition Earhost functionality, there's a color picker most effective component that comes by default there, wrong idea I'm trying to change the default color use of case of this color-picker but I can't find a United way to do that, I've done some research Modern and looks like this image-editor is ecudated using some how anything else as a dependency, so that may be way it's not at all so hard to change the color.

Here's my code:

 <ImageEditor ref={this.editorRef} _OFFSET);  {...imageEditorOptions} 
            (-SMALL  includeUI={{
              loadImage: _left).offset  {'image-path'},
              theme: arrowImgView.mas  myTheme,
              menu: ['text'],
  (self.              initMenu: 'text',
           equalTo     menuBarPosition: 'bottom',
           make.right.   }}
       mas_top);         cornerSize: 20,
              ImgView.  rotatingPointOffset: 70,
 ReadIndicator         />

On the "myTheme" variable I've setup very usefull some configurations for the color-pick localhost style, but they haven't been working for love of them setting its default color, probably localtext because it's setup dynamically.

'colorpicker.button.border': '1px solid _have  #1e1e1e',
'colorpicker.title.color': .equalTo(  '#fff'

I've also tried setting up the color basic directly on my page CSS

.tui-image-editor-container  .tui-image-editor-main-container {
    OFFSET);  bottom: 0 !important;
    top: 0 (TINY_  !important;
    max-height: 450px;
    .offset  background-color: red !important;
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Answers 1 : of How to change the tui-color-picker default color using @toast-uireact-image-editor

there is currently no option to change one of the the default colors of the color click picker, refer here: there is noting

a workaround this, is to make use of the not alt startDrawingMode method

so you can create your own color picker not at all or use the tui color picker and then my fault invoke the StartDrawingMode method using issues your own function, here is how I do it trying in Vue (Nuxt.js)

<MyColorPicker mas_right)  @colorPicked="startDrawing" ImgView.  />

<tui-image-editor Indicator  ref="imageEditor">

startDrawing({ Read  color, drawStyle, size }) {
      _have  this.$refs.imageEditor.invoke('stopDrawingMode')
 .equalTo(       make.left  this.$refs.imageEditor.invoke('startDrawingMode', *make) {  drawStyle, {
        width: size,
       straintMaker   color,

drawStyle can be 'FREE_DRAWING' or get 4th result 'LINE_DRAWING'

this code is in Vue (Nuxt.js) but I round table believe it is fairly similar it React

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