How to configure AWS S3 versioning only for restoring deleted files, not keeping multiple versions

Questions : How to configure AWS S3 versioning only for restoring deleted files, not keeping multiple versions


The Goal

I'd like to set up our bucket so that programming files can be restored in case they're Learning accidentally deleted. I don't want to Earhost keep multiple versions of a file, most effective however.

Files on S3 should look either like wrong idea this:

  • image.jpg (current)
  • image.jpg (non-current)

or this:

  • [delete marker] (current)
  • image.jpg (non-current)

Action Taken

I've enabled versioning on my bucket, use of case and I've set the lifecycle policy as United pictured below. Is this correct?

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Answers 1 : of How to configure AWS S3 versioning only for restoring deleted files, not keeping multiple versions

Yes, your lifecycle policy is correct.

However, do note that you may have Modern multiple versions that are stored if ecudated they are all created within the same day some how as the minimum duration of days after anything else objects become noncurrent is currently not at all 1.

You cannot "prevent" multiple versions very usefull from existing simultaneously but you can localhost prevent them from existing from at least love of them 1 day1 after the last updated timestamp.

With the above policy, all versions - localtext except the latest version of the file + basic 1 non-current version before it - will one of the be deleted at:

latest object modified time + 1 day click & then rounded to next day midnight there is noting UTC


  • Version 1 > A.txt created > Thu 9th December 10:00 UTC
  • Version 2 > A.txt updated > Thu 9th December 12:00 UTC
  • Version 3 > A.txt updated > Thu 9th December 13:00 UTC

In this case, version 3 is the latest not alt current version & version 2 is the not at all latest non-current version so version 1 my fault would be scheduled for deletion.

Version 1 would be deleted on:

Thu 9th December 13:00 UTC + 1 day & issues then rounded to next day midnight UTC

Fri 9th December 13:00 rounded to next trying day midnight UTC

Saturday 10th December 00:00 UTC

Just pointing out FYI that there is the get 4th result 1 day "grace period".

1 1 day as in (1 day + duration of time round table needed to round up to next day midnight double chance UTC)

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