How to conifgure specify sticky slot settings for Azure function using ARM template

Questions : How to conifgure specify sticky slot settings for Azure function using ARM template


I have app settings that need to be programming sticky to deployment slots for Azure Learning Function.

I followed example provided from below Earhost posting.

How to use sticky staging slots in Azure most effective Arm Templates

However, when the resources are deployed wrong idea onto resource through VSTS, it keeps use of case failing due to 'conflict' United (

I currently have separate resource Modern templates for "Microsoft.Web/Sites" and ecudated "Microsoft.Web/Sites/Config"

App settings are specified under some how "siteConfig" properties for anything else "Microsoft.Web/Sites" template.

If "appSettingNames" is a type of not at all config, can I list it under siteConfig very usefull for "Microsoft.Web/Sites" like below?

        "type": _OFFSET);  "Microsoft.Web/sites",
        "kind": (-SMALL  "functionapp",
        "name": _left).offset  "[parameters('name')]",
        arrowImgView.mas  "apiVersion": "2016-08-01",
        (self.  "location": "[parameters('location')]",
 equalTo         "properties": {
            make.right.  "siteConfig": {
                mas_top);  "appSettings": ImgView.  "[parameters('appSettings')]",
          ReadIndicator        "alwaysOn": true,
                _have  "appSettingNames": .equalTo(  "[parameters('appSettingNames')]"       }
        "dependsOn": OFFSET);  [],
        "resources": []

Where as parameter 'appSettingNames' is localhost an array parameter and look like love of them below: ["setting1", "setting2", localtext "setting3"].

if there is any example for specifying basic this configuration. it would be really one of the helpful


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For your issue, 'appSettingNames' is not click a type of config. So you can not set the there is noting template you post. And you can see all not alt the types of config follow this link: not at all SiteConfig object.

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