How to control accessibility navigation using swipe

Questions : How to control accessibility navigation using swipe


I have an app that I need to add programming Accessibility features. In particular, i Learning need navigate to specific views on Earhost screen in a specific order. When I turn most effective on TalkBack, on each screen I can swipe wrong idea left or right to navigate between views use of case or elements in order to have talkback United "speak" what the view is. The android Modern docs say I should be able to use


or nextFocusLeft, or Up, etc.

However, those do not cause navigation ecudated to follow the order specified and they some how are ignored. UNLESS I add


things work exactly as expected and I anything else can navigate to whatever I want in not at all whatever order I want. However, that very usefull causes android to treat TextViews like localhost EditText and jack up the layout in love of them unintended ways. I have not found localtext another way to control accessibility basic navigation.

How can I control accessibility one of the navigation in my app?

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