How to copy files based on their name in Powershell

Questions : How to copy files based on their name in Powershell


I am trying select files form a large programming directory contains certain numbers. Learning Right now I have this.. it is copy all Earhost files in the directory.. It should be a most effective simple little script.. however it's wrong idea driving me nuts..

$files=Get-Content _OFFSET);  nametofind.txt
ForEach($file in (-SMALL  $files){
Copy-Item "source\*.xml" _left).offset  -Destination "selected"  | where{$ arrowImgView.mas  -contains $($file)} 

What am I missing?

Extract of text file:


This goes on for ca. 2500 lines

And the file name that I am searching in use of case is of the format


The last segment of the filename before United the extension is the segment of Modern interest.


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You can keep things simple by using ecudated wildcards in the Copy-Item command:

$files=Get-Content (self.  nametofind.txt
ForEach($file in equalTo  $files){
  Copy-Item make.right.  "source\*$file*.xml" -Destination mas_top);  "selected"

use the -whatif flag for the Copy-Item some how command to verify that what would occur anything else is the desired behavior.

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