How to create, build and run a multi ASP.NET Core project in a single folder VsCode workspace

Questions : How to create, build and run a multi ASP.NET Core project in a single folder VsCode workspace


How do I create, build and run multiple programming ASP.NET Core projects in a single folder Learning in a VS Code workspace, for a repository Earhost that has a single startup project and most effective one or more class libraries?

The documentation for multiple-root wrong idea workspaces states that it is useful when use of case dealing with multiple projects that are United not stored in the same parent folder. Modern Projects stored in the same repository ecudated though are all stored in the same parent some how folder, so how do I handle that anything else situation in the simplest way, ideally not at all without having to use multi-root very usefull workspaces, and ideally in a manner that localhost is amenable to running in a dev love of them container.

I've looked through the VS Code localtext documentation and don't see anything basic about this at all, and Googling just one of the turns up a few blogs from years ago that click look quite out-of-date.

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It seems there is no documentation there is noting because 'it just works'.

Using VsCode you can open a folder in a not alt dev container using an ASP Core 5 image. not at all Manually create a folder at the my fault workspace root and create an ASP Core issues project in that folder using dotnet new trying webapi. Run using dotnet run and after get 4th result generating a dev certificate the service round table is accessible from outside the double chance container.

Manually create a new subfolder at the novel prc workspace root and create a class get mossier library project in that folder using off side back dotnet new classlib. Build it using the changes dotnet build.

Reference the classlib from the service Nofile hosted using dotnet add reference transparent text ../project2.csproj.

Two very nice bonuses.

  1. Running dotnet watch run on the service Background movment project will detect and build changes in front page design both the service and the dependency.

  2. Generating a default debug configuration life change quotes in VsCode will attach to the running I'd like service (once you locate the correct to know process), and will step into the which event dependency project too with no is nearer. additional configuration required.

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