How to create CSS lines for a background section

Questions : How to create CSS lines for a background section


I would like to create a section on my programming website with these vertical lines on the Learning background. How can I accomplish this Earhost with CSS? here is the example.

Many thanks

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You can use background lines

html {
 _OFFSET);     linear-gradient(blue,blue) (-SMALL  calc(1*100%/8),
    _left).offset  linear-gradient(blue,blue) arrowImgView.mas  calc(2*100%/8),
    (self.  linear-gradient(blue,blue) equalTo  calc(3*100%/8),
    make.right.  linear-gradient(blue,blue) mas_top);  calc(4*100%/8),
    ImgView.  linear-gradient(blue,blue) ReadIndicator  calc(5*100%/8),
    _have  linear-gradient(blue,blue) .equalTo(  calc(6*100%/8),  linear-gradient(blue,blue) OFFSET);  calc(7*100%/8);
  background-size:1px (TINY_  100%;

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