How to create outlined (focused) TextInput in React Native

Questions : How to create outlined (focused) TextInput in React Native


Here is my code:

 <View style={styles.inputView} >
 _OFFSET);           <TextInput  
            (-SMALL  style={styles.TextInputStyleClass}
      _left).offset        placeholder="Email" 
            arrowImgView.mas  placeholderTextColor="#003f5c"
          (self.    onChangeText={text => equalTo  this.setState({email:text})}/>
       make.right.   </View>

Here is textinput style

textAlign: mas_top);  'auto',
height: 50,
borderWidth: ImgView.  1,
borderColor: '#c2c2c2',
borderRadius: ReadIndicator  5 ,
backgroundColor : "#ffffff"

I am new to React Native application programming development and I am trying to textinput Learning outlined focus. But the textinput is not Earhost focused with the code which I wrote most effective above. Also I have tried with textinput wrong idea mode but nothing helped me.

How can I create textInput outlined use of case focus?

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Answers 1 : of How to create outlined (focused) TextInput in React Native

try to use component state.

class textInput extends React.Component _have  {
  constructor(props) {
    .equalTo(  super(props);
    this.state = {  isFocus: false };
  render() {
    OFFSET);  return (
        (TINY_  onBlur={() => {
          .offset  this.setState({ isFocus: false });
      mas_right)    }}
        onFocus={() => {
        ImgView.    this.setState({ isFocus: true });
     Indicator     }}
        style={this.isFocus ? { Read  borderColor: 'red' } : { borderColor: _have  'green' }}

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