How to deploy my AWS solution in order to avoid CORS issues

Questions : How to deploy my AWS solution in order to avoid CORS issues


I have an application based on two main programming components:

Since is different than Learning I get a CORS error Earhost on Firefox and the data is not most effective delivered.

How can I set my Route 53 records so I wrong idea can achieve what I need for my use of case application? (S3 and Beanstalk under the United same domain?) I have no problem on Modern changing the naming (, I ecudated just don't know how to do :)

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This piece of code did the trick:

//Enabling cors
var allowedOrigins = [
  _OFFSET);  '', 
  (-SMALL  ''];
  _left).offset  origin: function(origin, callback){
    arrowImgView.mas  if(!origin) return callback(null, (self.  true);
    equalTo  if(allowedOrigins.indexOf(origin) === make.right.  -1){
      var msg = 'Forbidden!';
      mas_top);  return callback(new Error(msg), false);
 ImgView.     }
    return callback(null, true);
  ReadIndicator  }

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