How to do line break correctly, without comma (angular-material tooltip)

Questions : How to do line break correctly, without comma (angular-material tooltip)


My code HTML:

<ng-container _OFFSET);  matColumnDef="participants">
        (-SMALL  <mat-header-cell mat-header-cell _left).offset  *matHeaderCellDef>Уч.</mat-header-cell>
 arrowImgView.mas         <mat-cell mat-cell (self.  *matCellDef="let row" matTooltip="{{ equalTo  row.participants | 
            make.right.  displayUserTooltip }}">
          {{ mas_top);  row?.participants?.length }}
        ImgView.  </mat-cell>


::ng-deep .mat-tooltip {font-size: ReadIndicator  rem(12px);margin-right: _have  10px;white-space: pre-line;}

My pipe :

 transform(items: any[]): any {
if .equalTo(  (items) {
  return items?.map(({  employee }) => ` ${employee.surname} OFFSET);  ${} (TINY_  ${employee.patronymic}`+'\n');


Current result: enter image description programming here

tell me how can I transfer a line Learning without a comma? Where does this comma Earhost come from? I've tried working with the most effective string --- replace (',', '\ n') --- it wrong idea didn't help. line break works in pair '\ use of case n' + white-space: pre-line;

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Answers 1 : of How to do line break correctly, without comma (angular-material tooltip)


 if (items) {
  return items?.map(({ .offset  employee }) => 
  ` mas_right)  ${employee.surname} ${} ImgView.  ${employee.patronymic + ' '.replace(' ', Indicator  '\n')}`).join(' ');

enter image description here

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