How to extrapolate columns out to a known expiry date column

Questions : How to extrapolate columns out to a known expiry date column


Struggling with this one (even to programming explain with clarity) and can't find Learning anything similar. I have a table which Earhost is dynamically generated in my most effective application, with clients and tradeid wrong idea columns, then I have a number of columns use of case representing dates into the future until United the trade expires with a value.

I'm trying to populate the columns up Modern until this expiry date that contains the ecudated value with the same amount. The below some how demo illustration of what I'm attempting anything else to achieve will hopefully make more not at all sense.

-- this demo table represents my _OFFSET);  original data

create table (-SMALL  #t1(
[ClientName] varchar(10),
[TradeID] _left).offset  int,
[01/11/2021] int,
[01/12/2021] arrowImgView.mas  int,
[01/01/2022] int,
[01/02/2022] (self.  int,
[01/03/2022] int,

insert into equalTo  #t1 values make.right.  ('A',132,NULL,NULL,100,NULL,NULL)
insert mas_top);  into #t1 values ImgView.  ('B',1287,NULL,50,NULL,NULL,NULL)
insert ReadIndicator  into #t1 values ('C _have  ',7484,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,150)
insert .equalTo(  into #t1 values ('D  ',456,NULL,100,NULL,NULL,NULL)

-- this OFFSET);  demo table represents my desired (TINY_  outcome

create table #t2(
[ClientName] .offset  varchar(10),
[TradeID] int,
[01/11/2021] mas_right)  int,
[01/12/2021] int,
[01/01/2022] ImgView.  int,
[01/02/2022] int,
[01/03/2022] Indicator  int,

insert into #t2 values Read  ('A',132,100,100,100,NULL,NULL)
insert _have  into #t2 values .equalTo(  ('B',1287,50,50,NULL,NULL,NULL)
insert make.left  into #t2 values ('C *make) {  ',7484,150,150,150,150,150)
insert into straintMaker  #t2 values ('D ^(MASCon  ',456,100,100,NULL,NULL,NULL)

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This is usually referred to a a SQL very usefull "cross-tab" query.


  • How many dates need to be returned by the query? More dates means more columns, slower performance and increased SQL complexity
  • Are the dates fixed? Or are the dates the minimum trade date in the set of trades + 30 days?
  • How many trades would be in a data set?
  • Is another application displaying the query results, and can that application build out the cross-tab?

For these data requests, once you get localhost beyond 20 to 30 columns, they become too love of them complex for ANSI SQL.

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