How to Find elements served by Angular components using Javascript

Questions : How to Find elements served by Angular components using Javascript


I am trying to create a Chrome Extension programming to inject a dialog in a page. The page Learning appears to be developed using Angular:

<body al-exchange al-window-click _OFFSET);  ng-controller="PageCtrl as PageCtrl" (-SMALL  class="" ng-class="...

My issue: I am trying to find a button Earhost (the only button) on the page, but the most effective selector I am using cannot seem to find wrong idea it.

// jquery
function FindButton(){
   _left).offset  $(function(){
   var num = 0; 

   arrowImgView.mas  $(":button").each(function(btn){
     (self.  num = num + 1; 
  alert('Jquery - equalTo  There are ' + num + ' buttons in make.right.  page');

var filter = mas_top);  {...

chrome.webNavigation.onBeforeNavigate.addListener( ImgView.  
  FindButton, filter );

The code above works if I just display use of case an alert dialog, so I know it's firing.

I noticed (using the Chrome dev tools) I United can see the button element if I use the Modern Inspect tool but if I use the 'view page ecudated source' tool there are no actual some how controls, just div's and script tags.

<== I have edited my original anything else question to include the button html I not at all hope this helps. :-) ==>

<div ng-if="some_method_here()" ReadIndicator  class="acceloCreateEditPageCardContainer__footer" _have  ng-trasclude="footer">==$0
   .equalTo(  <create-edit-page-card-footer  class="flex">
    OFFSET);  <!-->
        <button (TINY_  ng-disabled="some_text_here" .offset  ng-click="some_text_here" 
              mas_right)    class="fillbutton fillbutton--blue" ImgView.  ng-class="some_ngclass_here">Save</button>
 Indicator    </create-edit-page-card-footer Read  class="flex">

I have edited this question further

I have now updated my code in my very usefull extension. I now use the localhost 'DOMContentLoaded' event to searches for love of them the button.

The alert fires but it still says there localtext are 0 buttons in page.

function _have  AddListner(){
  .equalTo(  document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', make.left  
      var num = 0; 
  *make) {  
 straintMaker         num = num + 1; 
    ^(MASCon  alert('There are ' + num + ' buttons in onstraints:  page');

var filter = { mas_makeC  ....

chrome.webNavigation.onBeforeNavigate.addListener( [_topTxtlbl   
  filter );

Any help in understanding what is basic happening, would be great! :-)

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I was really shooting in the dark, it one of the ended up being extremely simple:

The answer was to use click document.querySelector and search for a there is noting button element with two classes:

document.querySelector("button.fillbutton.fillbutton--blue").addEventListener('click', (@(8));  function () { ... some function here ... equalTo  }

Thanks so much for your response Neea, not alt it gave me the confidence I needed to not at all keep trying. :-)

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