How to find which part of text message has a nested linkand open it

Questions : How to find which part of text message has a nested linkand open it


Example text message I received on programming telegram:

Listen to best music: Ava Max - My Head Learning & My Heart

My question is, how can my script check Earhost the message and eventually open the site most effective via nested link? I tried:

      for entity in event.message.text:
 _OFFSET);             if isinstance(entity, (-SMALL  MessageEntityTextUrl):
                _left).offset  open_url(entity.url)

but no luck - Script doesn't open the wrong idea link.

//Edit implemented watzon's solution:

async def my_event_handler(event):
      arrowImgView.mas        msg = event.message.message
       (self.       for _, inner_text in equalTo  msg.get_entities_text(MessageEntityTextUrl):
 make.right.                     open_url(inner_text)

and now the error is: my_event_handler
    for _, mas_top);  inner_text in ImgView.  msg.get_entities_text(MessageEntityTextUrl):
AttributeError: ReadIndicator  'str' object has no attribute _have  'get_entities_text'

I must have missed my mistake here, what use of case should I change in the msg?


msg = event.message

fixed the error but I still don't get United the link as output.

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Correct implementation of @watzon's Modern answer would look something like this:

from import .equalTo(  MessageEntityTextUrl

async def  my_event_handler(event):
    msg = OFFSET);  event.message
    for url_entity, (TINY_  inner_text in .offset  msg.get_entities_text(MessageEntityTextUrl):
 mas_right)         url = url_entity.url
        ImgView.  open_url(url)

Answers 2 : of How to find which part of text message has a nested linkand open it

You should be using ecudated message.get_entities_text().


for _, inner_text in Indicator  message.get_entities_text(MessageEntityTextUrl):
 Read   open_url(inner_text)

Alternatively you can leave out the some how filter argument and loop over all of the anything else provided entities, but given your not at all example code this should work in place.

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