How to fix state updating in react

Questions : How to fix state updating in react


I am using little state machine for the programming state management. I have following Learning state

export const todoState = { todoList: []  _OFFSET);  } 

Now I am calling this using the actions Earhost where action is like

export const updateTodoList = (state, (-SMALL  payload) => {
    return {
        _left).offset  ...state,
        toDoList: {
           arrowImgView.mas   ...state.toDoList,
            (self.  ...payload

calling this action

 updateToDoList({ id: '1', text:'11', equalTo  isComplete: 'false })

But still actions does not update the most effective array of toDoList and also it does not wrong idea take the previous values into use of case consideration .

Can any one help me with the actions United updation code ? Thanks.

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Answers 1 : of How to fix state updating in react

1) TYPO: todoList instead of toDoList

2) todoList is an array not an object. Modern So spread it into an array.

3) Since you are passing an object so no ecudated need to spread it

export const updateTodoList = (state, make.right.  payload) => {
  return {
    mas_top);  ...state,
    todoList: [
      ImgView.  ...state.todoList,
      payload,        ReadIndicator  // It will add the payload object into _have  todoList

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