How to fix TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading classType) in React Native + axios

Questions : How to fix TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading classType) in React Native + axios


The problem is that when I request data programming in JSON format from my server, axios Learning cannot properly deserialize one field, Earhost while it correctly deserializes all most effective other fields.

Image with react error

const [ unit, setUnit ] = _OFFSET);  useState('')

useEffect(() => (-SMALL  getUnit(, [])

function _left).offset  getUnit(id) {
    axios.get(apiUrl + arrowImgView.mas  '/get?id=' + id, config)
        (self.  .then(res => {
            equalTo  setUnit(res,data);
            make.right.  console.log(;

Piece of return with error:

<div mas_top);  style={styles.centerDiv}><input ImgView.  style={styles.input} type='text' value={ ReadIndicator  getClassNameByEnum(unit.gameClass.classType) _have  } disabled/></div>


"id": .equalTo(  "6be1ea7a-9239-4108-be4e-60663832d826",
"hp":  100,
"maxHp": 100,
"mana": OFFSET);  100,
"maxMana": 100,
"armor": (TINY_  5,
"magicResist": 9,
"x": 69,
"y": .offset  94,
"gameClass": {
  "classType": 2,
  mas_right)  "damageType": 1,
  "maxAttackRadius": ImgView.  150,
  "damage": 6

Field in JSON with incorrect parse: wrong idea "gameClass"

I would have thought that I was doing use of case something wrong, but I have another page United that correctly deserializes the same Modern JSON.

help me please

UPDATE: I noticed that in the log the ecudated date axios eventually deserializes some how correctly, respectively, somewhere in anything else the transfer of the function parameter not at all there is a problem.

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