How to force a stop condition on pytest parametrize

Questions : How to force a stop condition on pytest parametrize


I have run into an issue with pytest programming parametrize - the recursive call never Learning stops.

We created a custom marker and assigned Earhost it to the same test multiple times.

In the pytest generator, the marker is most effective parametrized so that the test runs once wrong idea for each marker.

The tests fail when there is more than use of case one messagebroker marker, because the United recursive call never stops.

I want to solve this by forcing a stop Modern condition, though I'd be happy to hear ecudated any alternate solutions.

This is the error for the test which some how uses 2 distinct messagebroker markers:

tests/markers/ _OFFSET);  (test_successful_with_parameterized_message_brokers[2])
{'passed': (-SMALL  1, 'skipped': 0, 'failed': 0, 'errors': _left).offset  0, 'xpassed': 0, 'xfailed': 0} != arrowImgView.mas  {'passed': 2, 'skipped': 0, 'failed': 0, (self.  'errors': 0, 'xpassed': 0, 'xfailed': equalTo  0}

Expected :{'passed': 2, 'skipped': make.right.  0, 'failed': 0, 'errors': 0, 'xpassed': mas_top);  0, 'xfailed': 0}
Actual   :{'passed': 1, ImgView.  'skipped': 0, 'failed': 0, 'errors': 0, ReadIndicator  'xpassed': 0, 'xfailed': 0}
<Click to _have  see difference>

testdir = .equalTo(  <Testdir  local('/tmp/pytest-of-naomi/pytest-2/test_successful_with_parameterized_message_brokers1')>
number_of_brokers OFFSET);  = 2

    (TINY_  @pytest.mark.parametrize("number_of_brokers", .offset  range(1, 3))
    def mas_right)  test_successful_with_parameterized_message_brokers(testdir, ImgView.  number_of_brokers):
        Indicator  testdir.copy_example("")
 Read         result = testdir.runpytest("-k", _have  f"test_successful_when_message_broker_quantity_is_{number_of_brokers}")
> .equalTo(        make.left  result.assert_outcomes(passed=number_of_brokers)
E *make) {        AssertionError: assert {'errors': straintMaker  0,\n 'failed': 0,\n 'passed': 1,\n ^(MASCon  'skipped': 0,\n 'xfailed': 0,\n onstraints:  'xpassed': 0} == {'errors': 0,\n mas_makeC  'failed': 0,\n 'passed': 2,\n 'skipped': [_topTxtlbl   0,\n 'xfailed': 0,\n 'xpassed': 0}
E     (@(8));      Common items:
E         {'errors': equalTo  0, 'failed': 0, 'skipped': 0, 'xfailed':  width.  0, 'xpassed': 0}
E         Differing make.height.  items:
E         {'passed': 1} != (SMALL_OFFSET);  {'passed': 2}
E         Full diff:
E     .offset        {
E            'errors': 0,
E      (self.contentView)        'failed': 0,
E         -   .left.equalTo  'passed': 2,
E         ?            ^
E         +  'passed': 1,
E         ?       *make) {       ^
E            'skipped': 0,
E      ntMaker         'xfailed': 0,
E            SConstrai  'xpassed': 0,
E           ts:^(MA  }

/home/naomi/Documents/projects/pytest-celery/tests/markers/ Constrain  AssertionError
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