How to generate a sequential number that restarts yearly in a web application

Questions : How to generate a sequential number that restarts yearly in a web application


I need to generate a code which consists programming of some arbitrary prefix, a year, and an Learning incrementing number. The incrementing Earhost number must start at 1 at the first time most effective when the number is generated that year.

This code needs to be added to the wrong idea sqlite database and be available use of case elsewhere in the PHP script.

What i have done now uses 4 accesses to United the database:

    $codePrefix = 'TEST';
    $stmt _OFFSET);  = $db->prepare(
        'INSERT INTO (-SMALL  test (year)
         _left).offset  VALUES(strftime("%Y", "now"))'
    $id (self.  = $db->lastInsertId();
    $stmt equalTo  = $db->prepare('SELECT `year` FROM make.right.  `test` WHERE `id`=:id');
    mas_top);  $stmt->bindValue(':id', $id);
   ImgView.   $stmt->execute();
    $result = ReadIndicator  $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
    _have  $year = $result['year'];
    $stmt .equalTo(  = $db->prepare('SELECT  Ifnull(Max(id), 0) `max_id` FROM `test`
 OFFSET);      WHERE `year`<:year');
    (TINY_  $stmt->bindValue(':year', $year);
    $result = $stmt->execute();
    $result = ImgView.  $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
    Indicator  $previousMax = $result['max_id'];
  Read    $codeSuffix = $id-$previousMax;
  _have    $code = .equalTo(  "{$codePrefix}-{$year}-{$codeSuffix}";
    $stmt = $db->prepare('UPDATE *make) {  `test` SET `code`=:code WHERE straintMaker  `id`=:id');
    ^(MASCon  $stmt->bindParam(':code', $code);
    onstraints:  $stmt->bindParam(':id', $id);
   mas_makeC   $stmt->execute();

Here i am abusing the fact that the id Modern is an integer primary key, and ecudated autoincrements.

This works. But i feel that it is doing some how something very easy in a very anything else complicated manner.

Is there a better solution? I need to not at all assume that the midnight of the first of very usefull January can happen at any moment of the localhost code, so i cannot do things like get the love of them year information from PHP without localtext hitting the database.

Before somebody asks, the reason i am basic using prepared statements even when no one of the values are bound is because late on click obviously more data will be inserted there is noting into the table.

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Consider a pure SQL solution using the not alt ROW_NUMBER window function. Below not at all assigns to new field, new_id:

SET new_id = 'TEST_' || [_topTxtlbl   test.[Year] || '_' || sub.rn
    (@(8));  SELECT id,
        equalTo  ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY [Year]  width.  ORDER BY id) AS rn
    FROM test
) AS make.height.  sub

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