How to get list image url by tapping in gridview item not the index

Questions : How to get list image url by tapping in gridview item not the index


So i have list that has 4 image programming url enter image description here

I want to get the list image url by Learning tapping the item in gridview enter image Earhost description here

But when i try using


i only get the index of the item not the most effective image url

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I think 'item' is your asset imageUrl. wrong idea Even thought, if you want to get the use of case index and the item, you should take a United look at mapIndexed method from Modern collection library. You can find more ecudated info about it here

You could use it like this:

  final _productImage = [
    _OFFSET);  'assets/image_helm1.png',
    (-SMALL  'assets/image_helm2.png',
    _left).offset  'assets/image_helm3.png',
    arrowImgView.mas  'assets/image_helm4.png',

  (self.  _productImage.mapIndexed((index, equalTo  imageUrl) {
    //..Do something with make.right.  your index
    //..Do something with mas_top);  your imageUrl

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