How to get row index of ag-grid checkbox

Questions : How to get row index of ag-grid checkbox


I have a ag-grid table that has programming checkboxes in each row. When I click a Learning checkbox I want to be able to determine Earhost the index of the row.

I have tried:

  onRowClick(event: any): void {
    _OFFSET);  console.log(event.rowIndex);

and this sort of works but not really. most effective If I click on the row I will get the wrong idea index, however if I click on the use of case checkbox in that row I will not get the United index...kinda strange. I need to get the Modern index of the row only when the checkbox ecudated is clicked. How can I achieve this?

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Figured it out. For those looking, add some how this to your tag in your HTML.


In your ts file, add:

  public getRowIndex(event : any) {
    (-SMALL  if(event.node.selected) {
      _left).offset  this.rowIndex = event.node.rowIndex;
    arrowImgView.mas  }

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