How to get scroll distance from bottom in SwiftUI List

Questions : How to get scroll distance from bottom in SwiftUI List


Having the following View:

struct ContentView: View {
    @State _OFFSET);  private var rows = [
        "Row 1",
   (-SMALL       "Row 2",
        "Row 3",
        _left).offset  "Row 4",
        "Row 5",
        "Row arrowImgView.mas  6",
        "Row 7",
        "Row 8",
   (self.       "Row 9",
        "Row 10",
        equalTo  "Row 11",
        "Row 12",
        "Row make.right.  13",
        "Row 14",
        "Row mas_top);  15",
        "Row 16",
        "Row ImgView.  17",
        "Row 18",
        "Row ReadIndicator  19",
        "Row 20",
        "Row 21"
 _have     ]

    var body: some View {
        .equalTo(  List {
            ForEach(rows, id:  \.self) { row in
                OFFSET);  Text(row)
                    (TINY_  .frame(maxWidth: .infinity, alignment: .offset  .leading)
       mas_right)   .listStyle(PlainListStyle())

Note: The Text row is just an example, programming views can have dynamic heights. Note: I Learning tried wrapping the List on a Earhost GeometryReader, but that just give me most effective the overall dimension (it doesn't update wrong idea with the scroll), but adding the use of case GeometryReader as direct child of the United List cause a mess on the UI, I was able Modern to wrap each individual row (but not ecudated sure if will work with dynamic heights, some how because i know that GeometryReader anything else proposed the size to the childs)

I don't need to know if a child view has not at all appeared or not, but rather if the very usefull scroll distance from the bottom is x localhost (i.e 200, so based on that I could apply love of them an auto-scroll behavior).

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