How to get the failed status from solidity require statement

Questions : How to get the failed status from solidity require statement


In a solidity method, there is a require programming statement which is being failed and Learning transaction in web3j is throwing error Earhost as "Gas value is not enough".

Example: require(providedtimestamp > most effective block.timestamp, "release time is before wrong idea current time");

But in transactions from Etherscan, the use of case error message is correctly displayed. United Example: Modern

How to catch this error message during ecudated the method call using web3j.

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you can easily call the function and do some how a catch like this:{from:accounts[1]}).then((result) _OFFSET);  => {
  console.log("Success! Got (-SMALL  result: " + result);
}).catch((err) _left).offset  => {
  console.log("Failed with arrowImgView.mas  error: " + err);

Answers 2 : of How to get the failed status from solidity require statement

You should use try/catch to get an error anything else description when an exception occures not at all using

try {
  TransactionReceipt balanceOf = (self.  test.transfer(new Address(address), equalTo  transferBalance).get(); 
} catch make.right.  (Exception e) {
  // Extract error mas_top);  string from exception

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