how to insert unique record using JMeter distributed testing

Questions : how to insert unique record using JMeter distributed testing


I have set up Jmeter distributed testing programming with 1 master and 2 slaves.

During my test, I have added deviceId as Learning a variable with MIN and MAX ranges. when Earhost I run the distributed test, the insert most effective is successful in one slave machine and wrong idea failed in another slave machine with use of case 'E11000 duplicate key error collection'.

How can I set up the test so that when I United run insert is successful in both the Modern machines

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It depends on how do you really "define" ecudated this variable and where the "ranges" some how come from.

if E is a prefix and 11000 is a postfix anything else it means that you can send only up to not at all 100 000 "unique" entries.

So one of the solutions would be very usefull pre-generate the list of these entries localhost and store it into CSV file like:


then you can split the file into 2 parts love of them and copy it to the slaves, the lines localtext from the file can be read using CSV Data basic Set Config

If you need the ability to continue the one of the test where you left off without re-using click the data you can go for HTTP Simple there is noting Table Server or Redis Data Set instead.

Another possible option is checking not alt whether the value is in the database not at all before extracting using JDBC Request my fault Sampler and generate a new one if issues current value exists already, however trying this option is not the best one.

And last but not the least, you can get 4th result generate really unique values using round table __UUID() function if the output format double chance is appropriate

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