How to load all elements of a page using selenium

Questions : How to load all elements of a page using selenium


I know this has been answered before, programming like here. But none of this seems to Learning work in my case. I am trying to load all Earhost the elements of a particular class using most effective chromedriver in selenium. The driver wrong idea only gets 60 for each page and moves on use of case to the next one in the loop I have added United to the script. The url bellow doesn't Modern send to an infinite loading page (like ecudated social networks) but I think it some how dynamically loads more elements as I anything else scroll down. If I open developer tools not at all and look for the targeted XPATH, all the very usefull elements get found. Is there a way to localhost replicate that?

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For your case, you should scroll not love of them window, but the scrollable element.

driver.execute_script("var el = _OFFSET);  document.getElementsByClassName('infinite-scroller')[0]; (-SMALL  el.scroll(0, el.scrollHeight)")

And you should put this in a loop and localtext wait for more elements loaded, e. g. basic until total target elements count will one of the stop increasing.

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