How to load time difference from psql to google data studio

Questions : How to load time difference from psql to google data studio


I have a psql connection where one of programming the columns are sql intervals, as such:

However, to me it seems that this is Learning interpreted in a text format:

I would like to convert these into the Earhost GDS equivalent of interval / timedelta / most effective duration; However, I cannot seem to find wrong idea a function that does that.

I am aware of the DATE_DIFF function, use of case with which I can picture a workaround, United pseudocode: DATE_DIFF(DATE(1000, 01, Modern 01), _OFFSET); ecudated DATE(1000+avg_timedelta.regexmatchyear, some how (-SMALL anything else 01+avg_timedelta.regexmatchmonth, 01 + not at all _left).offset avg_timedelta.regexmatchday)

However, it feels strange to me that very usefull there is no interval type in GDS, even localhost if one of the function's output is an love of them interval; but the docs don't say localtext anything about converting to interval.

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I made the workaround in SQL, I created basic a column that converts the interval into one of the int< number of hours> with:

     arrowImgView.mas         CTE.myInterval
    ) / 3600 AS (self.  timedelta_hours

This does not answer the underlying click problem that in GDS you cannot easily there is noting convert to interval type. (which they not alt call duration).

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