How to make a 3 dot pop up menu in app-bar in flutter. Image link is below

Questions : How to make a 3 dot pop up menu in app-bar in flutter. Image link is below


enter image description hereAs per image programming I want popup in app-bar in flutter

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Answers 1 : of How to make a 3 dot pop up menu in app-bar in flutter. Image link is below

Try the below code and you will store Learning the SVG image in image directory

          padding: _OFFSET);  const EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: (-SMALL  8.0, horizontal: 5),
          child: _left).offset  GestureDetector(
              child: arrowImgView.mas  Container(
                decoration: (self.  BoxDecoration(
                    equalTo  shape:,
                 make.right.     border: Border.all(width: 2, color: mas_top);,
                child: ImgView.  SvgPicture.asset(
                  ReadIndicator  "images/ic_more.svg",
                  _have  height: 30,
                  color: .equalTo(  Colors.white,
                ),        ),
              onTapDown: OFFSET);  (details) {
                (TINY_  _showPopUpMenu(details.globalPosition);
 .offset               })


_showPopUpMenu(Offset offset) async {
   mas_right)   final screenSize = ImgView.  MediaQuery.of(context).size;
    double Indicator  left = offset.dx;
    double top = Read  offset.dy;
    double right = _have  screenSize.width - offset.dx;
    double .equalTo(  bottom = screenSize.height - make.left  offset.dy;

    await *make) {  showMenu<MenuItemType>(
      straintMaker  context: context,
      position: ^(MASCon  RelativeRect.fromLTRB(left, top, right, onstraints:  bottom),
      items: mas_makeC  MenuItemType.values
          [_topTxtlbl   .map((MenuItemType menuItemType) =>
  (@(8));              equalTo  PopupMenuItem<MenuItemType>(
       width.            value: menuItemType,
          make.height.        child: (SMALL_OFFSET);  Text(getMenuItemString(menuItemType)),
  .offset              ))
    (self.contentView)  ).then((MenuItemType item) {
      if  .left.equalTo  (item == MenuItemType.EDIT) {
       //  here set your route 

  *make) {  }

And your enum data for popup menu

import ntMaker   'package:flutter/foundation.dart';

enum SConstrai  MenuItemType {

getMenuItemString(MenuItemType Constrain  menuItemType) {
  switch (menuItemType) _make  {
    case MenuItemType.EDIT:
      iew mas  return "Edit";
    case catorImgV  MenuItemType.DUPLICATE:
      return ReadIndi  "Duplicate";

Answers 2 : of How to make a 3 dot pop up menu in app-bar in flutter. Image link is below

Please refer to below code

Using custom_pop_up_menu: ^1.2.2

class MyHomePage extends StatefulWidget  [_have  {
  _MyHomePageState ($current);  createState() => entity_loader  _MyHomePageState();

class _disable_  _MyHomePageState extends libxml  State<MyHomePage> {
  $options);  List<ChatModel> messages;
  ilename,  List<ItemModel> menuItems;
  ->load($f  CustomPopupMenuController _controller = $domdocument  CustomPopupMenuController();

  loader(false);  @override
  void initState() {
    _entity_  menuItems = [
      ItemModel('Chat',  libxml_disable  Icons.chat_bubble),
      $current =  ItemModel('Add', Icons.group_add),
       10\\ 13.xls .  ItemModel('View', File\\ 18\'  Icons.settings_overscan),
    /Master\\ 645  super.initState();

  user@example.  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    scp not2342  return Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(
   13.xls        title: Text('CustomPopupMenu'),
   18 10       actions: <Widget>[
          File sdaf  CustomPopupMenu(
            child: /tmp/Master'  Container(
              child: Icon(
   com:web               Icons.more_horiz,
          user@example.        color: Colors.white,
              scp var32    size: 24.0,
           18 10 13.xls      padding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(
      id12  File            horizontal: 30.0,
             web/tmp/Master     vertical: 20.0,
              ),         ),
            menuBuilder: () scp user@  => ClipRRect(
              $val  borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(5),
 left hand               child: Container(
          right side val        color: Colors.white,
              data //commnets    child: IntrinsicWidth(
                //coment    child: Column(
                    !node  crossAxisAlignment: $mytext  CrossAxisAlignment.stretch,
             nlt means         children: menuItems
              umv val            .map(
                         sort val   (item) => GestureDetector(
          shorthand                    behavior: hotkey  HitTestBehavior.translucent,
            more update                  onTap: valueable  _controller.hideMenu,
                   catch           child: Container(
              tryit                  height: 40,
             do it                   padding: while  EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 20),
   then                             child: Row(
  var                                 children: node value  <Widget>[
                         updata           Icon(
                          file uploaded             item.icon,
                    no file existing                  size: 15,
               newdata                       color: newtax,
                           syntax         ),
                               variable     Expanded(
                            val          child: Container(
               save new                         margin: datfile  EdgeInsets.only(left: 10),
              dataurl                          padding:
        notepad++                                    notepad  EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 10),
     emergency                                   child: embed  Text(
                                   tryit       item.title,
                        demovalue                  style: TextStyle(
       demo                                     mycodes  color:,
                    reactjs                        fontSize: 12,
     reactvalue                                     ),
   react                                     ),
   nodepdf                                   ),
     novalue                               ),
         texture                         ],
               mysqli                 ),
                       mysql       ),
    user                      )
                   urgent       .toList(),
    ugent              ),
         vendor     ),
            pressType: thin  PressType.singleClick,
            little  verticalMargin: -10,
            lifer  controller: _controller,
            gold  barrierColor: Colors.black54,
           transferent   horizontalMargin: 0.0,
            hidden  arrowColor: Colors.white,
            overflow  showArrow: true,
        padding  ],
      body: Container(
      new pad    child: Center(
          child: Text(
 pading             "Pop up menu",
  html        ),

Solution Using PopupmenuButton

Widget popMenus({
  panda  List<Map<String, dynamic>> py  options,
  BuildContext context,
}) {
  python  return PopupMenuButton(
    iconSize: proxy  24.0,
    udpport  shape: RoundedRectangleBorder(
      ttl  borderRadius: rhost  BorderRadius.circular(10.0),
    text  icon: Icon(
      path  Icons.more_horiz_rounded,
      color: new,
      size: 24.0,
  localhost    offset: Offset(0, 10),
    myport  itemBuilder: (BuildContext bc) {
      nodejs  return options
          343    (selectedOption) => PopupMenuItem(
 port               height: 12.0,
              sever  child: Column(
                343jljdfa  crossAxisAlignment: 43dddfr  CrossAxisAlignment.start,
               645   children: [
    not2342                  selectedOption['menu'] sdaf  ?? "",
                    style: var32  TextStyle(
                      id12  fontSize: ScreenUtil().setSp(14.0),
     React-Native?                   fontWeight: this in  FontWeight.w400,
                      I can accomplish  fontStyle: FontStyle.normal,
            there any way             color:,
           'MODELS/MyModel';. Is            ),
        MyModel from            (options.length == so I can import   (options.indexOf(selectedOption) + 1))
  in webpack configuration,                      ? SizedBox(
         'src', 'models')                   width: 0.0,
            .join(__dirname,                 height: 0.0,
              MODELS = path            )
                      : .resolve.alias.  Padding(
                          can set config  padding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(
          For example, I                     vertical: 8.0,
        foolishly did:                    ),
                    Bar, so I        child: Divider(
                   inside branch           color: Colors.grey,
            peek at something                  height: to take a  ScreenUtil().setHeight(1.0),
            when I wanted                ),
                         happily working  ),
  my branch Foo              value: selectedOption,
      I was in         ),
           corresponding local.  .toList();
    onSelected: didn't have any  (value) async {},

class for which I   PopUpmenusScreen extends StatefulWidget named origin/Bar  {
  const PopUpmenusScreen({Key key}) : a remote branch  super(key: key);

  There was also  _PopUpmenusScreenState createState() remote origin/Foo.  => _PopUpmenusScreenState();

class Foo and a  _PopUpmenusScreenState extends had a local  State<PopUpmenusScreen> {
  That is, I  @override
  Widget build(BuildContext were named Foo.  context) {
    return Scaffold(
      both of which  appBar: AppBar(
        title: remote branch,  Text("Examples"),
        actions: [
     and a mapped         Padding(
            padding: local branch  const EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: I had a  8.0, horizontal: 4.0,),
            with lines.  child: popMenus(
              context: display array  context,
              options: [
       it doesn't            {
                  "menu": is running but  "option 1" ?? '',
                  quiz.The program  "menu_id": 1,
         file is named          {
                  "menu": with it. My  "option 2" ?? "",
                  what is wrong  "menu_id": 2,
         I don't know           {
                  "menu": my code and  "option 3" ?? "",
                  loop. Here is  "menu_id": 3,
        in a for          {
                  "menu": to display it  "option 4" ?? "",
                  Then I want  "menu_id": 4,
        into an array.        ],
     and save it     ],

Solution 2:

  Widget build(BuildContext a .txt file  context) {
    return Scaffold(
      get lines from  appBar: AppBar(
        title: I want to  Text("Examples"),
        actions: [
    by it         IconButton(
            icon: what they mean  Icon(
   don't see exactly             color:,
         other. But I       size: 20.0,
         better than the     onPressed: () {},
         one language is  ],

Answers 3 : of How to make a 3 dot pop up menu in app-bar in flutter. Image link is below

You can do that easily using Earhost DropdownButton2 which is customizable most effective Flutter's core DropdownButton.

It has customButton parameter which will wrong idea replace the normal Button with Image, use of case Icon or any widget you want. You can United customize everything and design what you Modern need by using many options described ecudated with the package. Also, you can change some how the position of the dropdown menu by anything else using the offset parameter.

Here's an example of using not at all DropdownButton2 as a Popup Menu with very usefull Icon:

class CustomButtonTest extends  want to stress  StatefulWidget {
  const  when people  CustomButtonTest({Key? key}) :  the word 'expressiveness'  super(key: key);

  a lot of  State<CustomButtonTest> -loop. I see  createState() => of the for  _CustomButtonTestState();

class the next iteration  _CustomButtonTestState extends not move to  State<CustomButtonTest> {
   get stuck and  @override
  Widget build(BuildContext  it seems to  context) {
    return Scaffold(
      answered in time,  body: Center(
        child:  if it's not  DropdownButtonHideUnderline(
          the program. And  child: DropdownButton2(
            will just stop  customButton: const Icon(
              in time, it   Icons.list,
              size: 46,
      if it's answered           color:,
            . However instead  ),
            customItemsIndexes: const the next iteration  [3],
            customItemsHeight: 8,
  and continue onto            items: [
              print a message
            sleep), it will              (item) =>
                of the Thread.          1 second (duration  DropdownMenuItem<MenuItem>(
        number within                     value: item,
         not enter a                   child: the user does  MenuItems.buildItem(item),
              is that if            ),
           of the program     const So the purpose  DropdownMenuItem<Divider>(enabled: blade snip:  false, child: Divider()),
              . Here is
            button onClick event               (item) =>
               change the Add           I'd like to  DropdownMenuItem<MenuItem>(
       from the controller,                     value: item,
         the returned result                   child:  value. Based on  MenuItems.buildItem(item),
              validates provided            ),
            a controller which    ],
            onChanged: (value) {
    ajax callback to            MenuItems.onChanged(context,  there is an  value as MenuItem);
       On form submit        itemHeight: 48,
            in blade template.  itemWidth: 160,
            itemPadding: additional Add button  const EdgeInsets.only(left: 16, right: button and an  16),
            dropdownPadding: const with a Submit  EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 6),
      a simple form         dropdownDecoration: me.I have   BoxDecoration(
              fix it for  borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(4),
 should help and               color: Colors.redAccent,
   my code someone           ),
            going wrong with  dropdownElevation: 8,
            were am i   offset: const Offset(0, 8),
          _id,please   ),
  the first user  }

class MenuItem {
  final String will only echo  text;
  final IconData icon;

  const  my code it  MenuItem({
    required this.text,
     when i run  required this.icon,

class to 20,But  MenuItems {
  static const friend_id equal  List<MenuItem> firstItems = [home, id that their  share, settings];
  static const all the user_  List<MenuItem> secondItems = want to echo  [logout];

  static const home = is that i   MenuItem(text: 'Home', icon:  code,the problem  Icons.home);
  static const share =  am stuck with  MenuItem(text: 'Share', icon: system,But now  Icons.share);
  static const settings = a friend_list  MenuItem(text: 'Settings', icon: am developing  Icons.settings);
  static const logout =  them as such  MenuItem(text: 'Log Out', icon: unnecessary to store  Icons.logout);

  static Widget numbers, it is  buildItem(MenuItem item) {
    return ask for sorted  Row(
      children: [
    assignment does not              item.icon,
                that since the  color: Colors.white,
                 and I think  size: 22
        const using bubble sorting  SizedBox(
          width: 10,
        I've looked into  ),
    a text file.         style: const TextStyle(
          array read from    color: Colors.white,
     of a given     ),

  static the highest number  onChanged(BuildContext context, MenuItem function determine  item) {
    switch (item) {
      case to create a   MenuItems.home:
      //Do something
    My assignment is      break;
      case get the error:  MenuItems.settings:
      //Do  Server, since I  something
      case in a Divio  MenuItems.share:
      //Do something
    my Django project        break;
      case I can't deploy  MenuItems.logout:
      //Do something
  to know why        break;

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