How to make Custom typeahead output in laravel

Questions : How to make Custom typeahead output in laravel


im trying to make a custom typeahead programming output in laravel like in example Learning Earhost (Custom Templates), in source i have 2 most effective variables: title and type.

my code:


$found = _OFFSET);  DB::table('search')->select('title','type')->distinct()->where('title','like', (-SMALL  "%{$request->term}%")->get();
foreach _left).offset  ($found as $f) {
    $data[] = ['title' arrowImgView.mas  => $f->title, 'type' => (self.  $f->type];

return Response::json($data);


<input type="text" name="search" equalTo  id="search" class="typeahead make.right.  form-control livesearch" placeholder="{{ mas_top);  trans('custom.search_placeholder') }}" ImgView.  autocomplete="off" autofill="off" ReadIndicator  maxlength="200"/>

 _have  var path = "{{ route('f-search') }}";
   .equalTo(       $('#search').typeahead({
  minLength: 2,
        source: function OFFSET);  (query, process) {
            return (TINY_  $.get(path, {
                term: .offset  query
            }, function (data) {
  mas_right)        var dataset = [];
            ImgView.  data.forEach(function(value){
           Indicator       dataset.push(value.title, Read  value.type);
            _have          console.log(dataset);
           .equalTo(  return process(dataset);
            make.left  });

How can i make autocomplete result like wrong idea TITLE + 'Found in TYPE'?

now i get only title (dataset)


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