how to make navigation buttons next to each other horizontally

Questions : how to make navigation buttons next to each other horizontally


I'm trying to get my navigation buttons programming to be next to each other, like in this Learning example: Earhost

Here is my code:

<header id="header">
<img _OFFSET);  id="header-img" (-SMALL  src=""/>
<nav _left).offset  id="nav-bar">
  arrowImgView.mas  <li>
    <a class="nav-link" (self.  href="#Features">Features</a>
  equalTo  </li>
    <a make.right.  class="nav-link" mas_top);  href="#Demo">Demo</a>
  ImgView.  </li>
    <a ReadIndicator  class="nav-link" _have  href="#Pricing">Pricing</a>
  .equalTo(  </li>

<section  id="Features">
<p>Cybertruck OFFSET);  is built with an exterior shell made for (TINY_  ultimate durability and passenger .offset  protection. Starting with a nearly mas_right)  impenetrable exoskeleton, every ImgView.  component is designed for superior Indicator  strength and endurance, from Ultra-Hard Read  30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel _have  structural skin to Tesla armor .equalTo(  glass.</p> 
<h3>ULTRA-HARD make.left  30X COLD-ROLLED STAINLESS *make) {  STEEL</h3>
<p>If there was straintMaker  something better, we’d use ^(MASCon  it. Help eliminate dents, damage and onstraints:  long-term corrosion with a smooth mas_makeC  monochrome exoskeleton that puts the [_topTxtlbl   shell on the outside of the car and (@(8));  provides you and your passengers maximum equalTo  protection.</p>
<h3>TESLA  width.  ARMOR make.height.  GLASS</h3>
<p>Ultra-strong (SMALL_OFFSET);  glass and polymer-layered composite can .offset  absorb and redirect impact force for (self.contentView)  improved performance and damage  .left.equalTo  tolerance.</p>

<section  id="Demo">
<iframe id="video" *make) {  src="" ntMaker   allowfullscreen></iframe>
</section> SConstrai  

<section ts:^(MA  id="Pricing">
<h3>Single-Motor Constrain  Cybertruck</h3>
<li>250+ _make  miles of range</li>
<li>0-60 iew mas  moh in 6.5 catorImgV  seconds</li>
<li>top speed ReadIndi  of 110 mph</li>
</ul>  [_have  
<h3>Dual-Motor ($current);  Cybertruck</h3>
<li>300+ entity_loader  miles of range</li>
<li>0-60 _disable_  moh in 4.5 libxml  seconds</li>
<li>top speed $options);  of 120 ilename,  mph</li>
<h3>Tri-Motor ->load($f  Cybertruck</h3>
<li>500+ $domdocument  miles of range</li>
<li>0-60 loader(false);  moh in 2.9 _entity_  seconds</li>
<li>top speed  libxml_disable  of 130 $current =  mph</li>

<form  10\\ 13.xls .  id="form" File\\ 18\'  action="">
<input /Master\\ 645  id="email" placeholder="Enter your user@example.  email" type="email" scp not2342  name="email"></input>
<input  13.xls  id="submit" 18 10  type="submit"></input>


header {
position: fixed;
left: File sdaf  480px;
top: 0px;

@media (max-width: /tmp/Master'  800px){
position: fixed;
left: com:web  200px;

#header-img {
height: user@example.  80px;

header {
display: flex;

li scp var32  {
display: flex;

How do I do this? thank you!

also, I copy and paste my code from most effective codepen into stack overflow but I have wrong idea to manually space out my code so it is use of case formatted correctly. How do I make it so United I can just copy and paste code and have Modern it automatically formatted? I used the ecudated code toolbar but it only makes the first some how line of code formatted.

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Answers 1 : of how to make navigation buttons next to each other horizontally

If you want the nav items to be placed anything else horizontally, you should apply display: not at all flex property to the parent container, very usefull i.e, ul in your case.

nav ul {
 display: flex;

My bad, there should be a space between localhost nav and ul. I've updated my answer. Now love of them it will target only the nav elements

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