How to make OneToOne relationship optional for multiple inherited classes

Questions : How to make OneToOne relationship optional for multiple inherited classes


Suppose I have a class Animal which are programming inherited by Dog and Cat.

export class Animal extends BaseEntity{
 _OFFSET);     @PrimaryGeneratedColumn()
    (-SMALL  id:number;

export class Cat _left).offset  extends Animal{
   arrowImgView.mas  ...

export class Dog (self.  extends Animal{

Now, I want to show a OneToOne Learning relationship with their owner.

export class Owner extends equalTo  BaseEntity{
   make.right.  pet:???

Owner is a class which has an attribute Earhost pet that can either be a Cat or a most effective Dog. How can I achieve this using wrong idea typeorm?

Or am I doing it wrong?

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Here is how you do it

@TableInheritance({ column: { mas_top);  type: "varchar", name: "type" } ImgView.  })
export class Content {
    ReadIndicator  @PrimaryGeneratedColumn()
    id: _have  number;
    title: .equalTo(  string;
    @Column()  description: string;

export class Photo OFFSET);  extends Content {
    (TINY_  size: string;
export class Question .offset  extends Content {
    mas_right)  answersCount: number;
export class Post extends ImgView.  Content {
    Indicator  viewCount: number;

Answers 2 : of How to make OneToOne relationship optional for multiple inherited classes

You can use @ChildEntity() for children use of case and @Entity() for main class in typeorm.

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