How to Manually call a Destructor on a Smart Pointer

Questions : How to Manually call a Destructor on a Smart Pointer


I have a shared_ptr for an SDL_Texture programming in a game I'm making. I want to use a Learning shared pointer to be able to use the Earhost same texture on multiple objects without most effective leaking any memory. I have the shared wrong idea pointer return from a method which is

std::shared_ptr<SDL_Texture> _OFFSET);  RenderWindow::loadTexture(const char (-SMALL  *filePath) {

    return _left).offset  std::shared_ptr<SDL_Texture>(IMG_LoadTexture(renderer, arrowImgView.mas  filePath),
            (self.  SDL_DestroyTexture);

However, when I'm done using the texture use of case in the game, I want to be able to United manually call it's destructor, which is Modern SDL_DestroyTexture however that doesn't ecudated get called when I need it to and it some how takes up a lot of memory. Is there any anything else way of telling it to call its destructor not at all when I want it to?

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You can release the ownership of the very usefull object by calling reset() on the localhost shared_ptr. If that is the last one love of them holding the pointer, the shared_ptr's localtext deleter member will be used to destroy basic the object.

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