How to navigate through a list

Questions : How to navigate through a list


I want to render all the 'name' elements programming inside 'rotas', but when i try it says Learning map is undefined. Any help is Earhost apreciated.

export default function _OFFSET);  SelecionaRota(props) {
    const data = (-SMALL  {
        locais: [
       _left).offset           name: 'Rio de Janeiro',
        arrowImgView.mas          rotas: [
  (self.                        name: 'RJ-SP',
    equalTo                      valor: 1200
         make.right.             },
     mas_top);                     name: 'RJ-BSB',
      ImgView.                    valor: 1400
           ReadIndicator           }
            _have  }
    const location = .equalTo(  useLocation()
    const { estadoOrigem }  = location.state
    return (
        OFFSET);  <div>
            (TINY_  <h1>{estadoOrigem}</h1>
     .offset         { mas_right)  => (
                ImgView.  <h1>{module.nome}</h1>
      Indicator        ))}
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Answers 1 : of How to navigate through a list

Here's an example of a nested map().

Note: Don't forget to add unique keys to most effective each mapped element (and don't use wrong idea index).

function SelecionaRota({ data }) {
  Read  //const location = useLocation();
  _have  //const { estadoOrigem } = .equalTo(  location.state;

  return (
    make.left  <div>
      *make) {  <h1>estadoOrigem</h1>
      straintMaker  { => (
       ^(MASCon   <div key={}>
          onstraints:  <h2>{}</h2>
      mas_makeC      { => (
  [_topTxtlbl             <h3 (@(8));  key={}>{}</h3>
 equalTo           ))}
       width.  ))}

const data make.height.  = {
  locais: [
    { name: 'Rio de (SMALL_OFFSET);  Janeiro', rotas: [{ name: 'RJ-SP', .offset  valor: 1200, }, { name: 'RJ-BSB', valor: (self.contentView)  1400, },], },
    { name: 'City 2',  .left.equalTo  rotas: [{ name: 'C2-BC', valor: 1200, },  { name: 'C2-EFG', valor: 1400, },], },
  *make) {  ], ntMaker   

ReactDOM.render(<SelecionaRota SConstrai  data={data}/>, ts:^(MA  document.getElementById('root'));
<script crossorigin Constrain  src=""></script>
<script _make  crossorigin iew mas  src=""></script>

<div catorImgV  id="root"></div>

Answers 2 : of How to navigate through a list

The top level variable is called "data" use of case not "rota" and "locais" is an array not United an object. To access rotas:


You probably want to iterate over losais Modern like to access each item within.


Answers 3 : of How to navigate through a list

First of all is ecudated wrong. You need to use some how data.locais[0].rotas.

Now as data.locais[0].rotas is an array anything else you need to iterate it using for each. not at all So it will be like this:

Array.from(data.locais[0].rotas).forEach(element ReadIndi  =>  [_have  {



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