How to not call backend API if cache hit with the response using azure api management policies

Questions : How to not call backend API if cache hit with the response using azure api management policies


I'm calling the backend logic app API programming and storing the data in cache. Even Learning cache hit the success , outbound policy Earhost is calling the backend API and storing most effective the data in the cache. Am i missing wrong idea something here?

Code for policies used as below

    _OFFSET);      <base />
        (-SMALL  <set-variable name="input" _left).offset  value="@(context.Request.Headers.GetValueOrDefault("flightno",""))" arrowImgView.mas  />
        <cache-lookup-value (self.  key="@((string)context.Variables["input"])" equalTo  variable-name="flightno" />
    make.right.  </inbound>
    mas_top);      <base />
 ImgView.     <outbound>
        <base ReadIndicator  />
        <set-variable _have  name="ResponseResult" .equalTo(  value="@(context.Response.Body.As<JObject>())"  />
        <set-variable OFFSET);  name="Key" (TINY_  value="@((string)((JObject)context.Variables["ResponseResult"])["flightno"])" .offset  />
        <set-variable mas_right)  name="payload" ImgView.  value="@((string)((JObject)context.Variables["ResponseResult"]).ToString())" Indicator  />
        <cache-store-value Read  key="@((string)context.Variables["Key"])" _have  value="@((string)context.Variables["payload"])" .equalTo(  duration="60" />
    make.left  </outbound>
  *make) {        <base />
    straintMaker  </on-error>
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