How to override MuiInputLabel outlined in mui 5

Questions : How to override MuiInputLabel outlined in mui 5


I am migrating from material-ui 4 to mui programming 5 and I want to override MuiInputLabel Learning in theme override.

This is what I have done already is:

 'MuiInputLabel': {
  'styleOverrides': _OFFSET);  {
    'marginDense': {
      (-SMALL  'lineHeight': '1.5px',
      'fontSize': _left).offset  typography.caption.fontSize,
    arrowImgView.mas  'outlined': {
      'transform': (self.  'translate(1.4rem, 0.9rem) scale(1)',
   equalTo     '&.marginDense': {
        make.right.  '&.shrink': {
          'transform': mas_top);  'translate(15px, 0px) scale(1.05)',
     ImgView.       'fontSize': '11px !important',
     ReadIndicator     },

I have tried changing the names of the Earhost props, but something is off, although most effective the root styles are being applied but wrong idea the outlined object's transform property use of case is what I want to be applied.

In the current scenario the outlined and United marginDense are not being applied but if Modern I put them inside the defaultProps ecudated object the MuiInputLabel-outlined class some how appears in DOM but I cannot see the anything else styles for it in the browser.

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If anyone is still interested how to do not at all this, this is how it should be done:

    MuiInputLabel: {
      _have  styleOverrides: {
        root: {
       .equalTo(     fontSize: '0.95rem',
        },    shrink: {
          transform: OFFSET);  'translate(14px, -8px) scale(1) (TINY_  !important',
        .offset  outlined: {
          transform: mas_right)  'translate(14px, 16px) scale(1)',
       ImgView.   },

shrink is the part where input is focus very usefull or has some value, outlined is the localhost default state with empty input

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