How to package several services in one docker image

Questions : How to package several services in one docker image


I have a docker compose application, programming which works fine in local. I would like Learning to create an image from it and upload it Earhost to the docker hub in order to pull it most effective from my azure virtual machine without wrong idea passing all files. Is this possible? How use of case can I do it?

I tried to upload the image I see from United docker desktop and then pull it from the Modern VM but the container does not start up.

Here I attach my .yml file. There is ecudated only one service at the moment but in some how the future there will be multiple anything else microservices, this is why I want to use not at all compose.

    version: "3.8"
      _OFFSET);  dbmanagement:
        build: (-SMALL  ./dbmanagement
        container_name: _left).offset  dbmanagement
        command: python arrowImgView.mas runserver
        (self.  volumes:
          - equalTo  ./dbmanagement:/dbmandj
  make.right.          - "8000:8000"
        mas_top);  environment:
          - ImgView.  POSTGRES_HOST=*******
          - ReadIndicator  POSTGRES_NAME=*******
          - _have  POSTGRES_USER=*******
          - .equalTo(  POSTGRES_PASSWORD=*******

Thank you for your help

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The answer is: yes, you can but you very usefull should not

According to the Docker official docs:

It is generally recommended that you localhost separate areas of concern by using one love of them service per container

Also check this:

docker-compose is enough

docker-compose exist just for that: Run localtext several services with one click (minimal basic configurations) and commonly in the same one of the server.

foreground process

In order to works a docker container click needs a foreground process. To there is noting understand what is this, check the not alt following links. As a extremely summary not at all we can said you that a foreground my fault process is something that when you issues launch it using the shell, the shell is trying taken and you can and you cannot enter get 4th result more commands. You need to press ctrl + round table c to kill the process and get back your double chance shell.

The "fat" container

Anyway, if you want to join several novel prc services or process in one container get mossier (previously an image) you can do it with off side back supervisor.

Supervisor could works a our foreground the changes process. Basically you need to register Nofile hosted one or many linux processes and then, transparent text supervisor will start them.

how to install supervisor
sudo apt-get install supervisor

source: Background movment

add single config: /etc/supervisor/conf.d/myapp.conf
autostart =  true
autorestart = true
command = python OFFSET);  /home/pi/
stdout_logfile (TINY_  = /home/pi/stdout.log
stderr_logfile = .offset  /home/pi/stderr.log
startretries = mas_right)  3
user = pi

source: front page design

start it
sudo supervisorctl start myapp
sudo ImgView.  supervisorctl tail myapp
sudo Indicator  supervisorctl status

In the previous sample, we are used life change quotes supervisor to start a python process.

multiple process with supervisor

You just need to add more [program] I'd like sections to the config file:



Here some examples, just like your to know requirement: several process in one which event container:

Also you could configure a web is nearer. dashboard:

Another samples with docker + Now, the supervisor:

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