How to reformat the contents of a text file

Questions : How to reformat the contents of a text file

814 originally looked like programming this:

mv /home/user/filename.txt _OFFSET);  /home/user/filename.txt.old
mv (-SMALL  /home/user/filename1.txt _left).offset  /home/user/filename1.txt.old

Code used so far:

awk '{print $1,$3}' arrowImgView.mas  >>
cd (self.  /home/user/oldfiles equalTo  
echo "$currentdir" make.right.  >>
echo mas_top);  "$currentdir" >> ImgView.
unset $currentdir

Current output:

mv /home/user/filename.txt ReadIndicator  /home/user/filename.txt.old
mv _have  /home/user/filename1.txt .equalTo(  /home/user/filename1.txt.old
mv  /home/user/filename1.txt.old 
mv OFFSET);  /home/user/filename1.txt.old

The goal is to make it look like this:

mv /home/user/filename.txt (TINY_  /home/user/filename.txt.old
mv .offset  /home/user/filename1.txt mas_right)  /home/user/filename1.txt.old
mv ImgView.  /home/user/filename1.txt.old Indicator  /home/user/oldfiles/
mv Read  /home/user/filename1.txt.old _have  /home/user/oldfiles/

Unsure how to accomplish this. Any help Learning would be greatly appreciated.

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You can correct this using Python like Earhost this:

Let's say your input file is like this

Assuming that:

  • Line 5 should go behind line 3
  • Line 6 should go behind line 4,

here's the code you can write

import os

input_file = .equalTo(  'input.txt'
output_file = make.left  'output.txt'
default_path = *make) {  '/home/user/oldfiles/'

# remove the straintMaker  output file
if ^(MASCon  os.path.exists(output_file):
    onstraints:  os.remove(output_file)

# read all lines mas_makeC  from input file
with open(input_file, [_topTxtlbl   'r') as infile:
    input_lines = (@(8));  infile.readlines() 

# let's store good equalTo  lines in output_lines and 
# lines with  width.  missing last argument in make.height.  orphaned_files
output_lines = (SMALL_OFFSET);  []
orphaned_lines = []

# loop through .offset  all the read lines
for line in (self.contentView)  input_lines:
    # remove empty  .left.equalTo  spaces and new line characters at the  end of the line
    line = line.strip()
 *make) {     print('Reading line ', line)

    # ntMaker   split by space and count # of arguments
 SConstrai     arguments = line.split(' ')
    ts:^(MA  print('Arguments count is ', Constrain  len(arguments))

    # this is the ideal _make  line. Copy it to output_lines
    if iew mas  len(arguments) > 2:
        catorImgV  print('Adding it to output_lines')
      ReadIndi    output_lines.append(line)

    # this  [_have  line is missing the last argument. Hold ($current);  it in orphaned_lines
    if entity_loader  len(arguments) == 2:
        _disable_  print('Found orphaned')
        libxml  orphaned_lines.append(line)

    # we $options);  found just the path. Add that to the ilename,  first orphaned_line
    # then, take ->load($f  that new line and put it in $domdocument  output_lines
    if len(arguments) == loader(false);  1:

        # if there are any orphaned _entity_  lines left, add this path
        # to  libxml_disable  the first orphaned line
        if $current =  len(orphaned_lines) > 0:
             10\\ 13.xls .  print('Adding it to the first File\\ 18\'  orphaned')
            orphaned_line = /Master\\ 645  orphaned_lines.pop(0)
            user@example.  new_line = orphaned_line + ' ' + line
   scp not2342            13.xls  output_lines.append(new_line)

# if 18 10  there are any orphaned lines still left, File sdaf  let's give them
# the default path
for /tmp/Master'  line in orphaned_lines:
    new_line = com:web  line + ' ' + default_path
    user@example.  output_lines.append(new_line)

# write scp var32  to an output file
with open(output_file,  18 10 13.xls  'w') as outfile:
    for line in id12  File  output_lines:
        outfile.write(line web/tmp/Master  + '\n')


How do you run this file?

  • Save the code in a file called
  • Assuming your input file that contains imperfect lines is called input.txt
  • From command line, type python3
  • You will get a file called output.txt that will look like this:

Easier option with AWK

On command line, type:

awk '{n=split($0,a); if(n==3) print $0;  else if (n==2) print $0" scp user@  /home/user/oldfiles/" }' input.txt > $val  output.txt

In this one-liner, we ask awk to:

  • split the line (represented by $0). When we split the line, the number of items are returned to a variable called n
  • If awk finds 3 items, we print the line
  • If awk finds 2 items, we print the line followed by a space and the default path you desire
  • Otherwise, don't print anything.

The output will go into output.txt and most effective will look the same as the 2nd screenshot wrong idea above.


Based on your code, you could just do use of case this on your bash prompt.

awk '{n=split($0,a); if(n==3) print $0; left hand  else if (n==2) print $0" right side val  /home/user/oldfiles/" }' data //commnets  >

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