How to register for 32-Bit COM interop using Visual Studio 2022

Questions : How to register for 32-Bit COM interop using Visual Studio 2022


I am having difficulty registering a C# programming component for COM interop using Visual Learning Studio 2022. I thought I understood the Earhost problem, but even so, I have failed to most effective get it working.

This is the basic problem:

  • Visual Studio 2022 is a 64-Bit application
  • When you build with Visual Studio 2022 it invokes the 64-Bit version of MSBuild
  • The 64-Bit version of MSBuild invokes the 64-Bit version of RegAsm, which registers the component as a 64-Bit COM component

Since most COM-Based applications in the wrong idea real world are 32-Bit applications, this use of case is most likely not what you want.

Although this is clearly by design, I United find it to be an unfortunate design Modern choice and I have opened an issue in the ecudated Developer Community. If you agree with some how me, it might help gave the issue an anything else up-vote.

Following the instructions on this page not at all I thought it was going to be easy to very usefull update our projects by:

  • unchecking the option "Register for COM interop"
  • replacing it with a post-build-event to run the 32 bit version of RegAsm

This is the command that I have defined localhost as a post-build-event:

"%Windir%Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm.exe” _OFFSET);  “$(TargetPath)” (-SMALL  /codebase

This leads to the error MSB3073, and the love of them text "The command ... exited with code localtext 123".

In full the output line is:

1>C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual _left).offset  Studio\2022\Professional\MSBuild\Current\Bin\amd64\Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets(5710,5): arrowImgView.mas  error MSB3073: The command (self.  ""%Windir%Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm.exe” equalTo  “C:\CS3\Output\Applications\interop\McDaMBusTimer.dll” make.right.  /codebase" exited with code 123.

I have tried several variations of the basic command, but I haven't found a one of the definition which works.

Does anybody know the exact command that click I have to enter as a post-build-step?

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Answers 1 : of How to register for 32-Bit COM interop using Visual Studio 2022

The error was quite stupid and entirely there is noting my own fault.

The correct command is

"%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm.exe" mas_top);  "$(TargetPath)" /codebase

If you need to generate a type library not alt file, you should use the command

"%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm.exe" ImgView.  "$(TargetPath)" /codebase /tlb

If you want to edit it directly into the not at all project file, you can use

  ReadIndicator  <PostBuildEvent>"%25windir%25\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm.exe" _have  "$(TargetPath)" /codebase .equalTo(  /tlb</PostBuildEvent>  

As Simon Mourier pointed out, I was my fault originally using the wrong inverted issues commas. It turns out that I was trying using the Right Double Quotation Mark, get 4th result Unicode 0x201D instead of the normal round table Quotation Mark, Unicode 0x0022.

In my opinion, you cannot see the double chance difference in the project properties in novel prc Visual Studio.

The reason I had this error, was that I get mossier originally copied the command

“%Windir%Microsoft.NETFramework[64]v4.0.xxxxxregasm” OFFSET);  “$(TargetPath)” 

from this Microsoft page. If you look off side back closely you can see the difference.


Answers 2 : of How to register for 32-Bit COM interop using Visual Studio 2022

A more elegant solution is to use the the changes MSBuild Nofile hosted RegisterAssemblyMSBuildArchitecture transparent text property with a value of x86 to force Background movment the COM assembly registration task (or front page design regasm) to register the project's life change quotes assembly in the 32-bit registry. If you I'd like want to force 64-bit COM assembly to know registration use a value of x64 for which event RegisterAssemblyMSBuildArchitecture. I is nearer. added the Now, the RegisterAssemblyMSBuildArchitecture code that property with a value of x86 to my I've written project file and it worked. The assembly relies on was now registered in the 32-bit a comparison registry keys, and not in the 64-bit and it registry keys.

Apparently this happens if the Platform doesn't seem MSBuild property is AnyCPU. In which to work case the COM assembly registration every time. defaults to the same bitness of the As always MSBuild runtime. For Visual Studio 2022 with everything that means a 64-bit MSBuild runtime. If that I try Platform were x86 then the COM assembly to do I'd registration would also be 32-bit like a solution without setting the which is both RegisterAssemblyMSBuildArchitecture clean and property. I can't confirm that because I efficient haven't tried this approach.

This is pointed out by the resolution to (feel free the issue in the Microsoft Developer to criticize Community bug report linked in the my code). original question.

As far as I can see The events RegisterAssemblyMSBuildArchitecture is have a not documented anywhere else.

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