How to set image one above another as shown image below

Questions : How to set image one above another as shown image below


I am developing a group chat app and I programming want to display users profile images at Learning top bar in the group chat as shown in Earhost the below image.

I have used the stackView with below most effective adapter

class StackImageAdapter(val context: _OFFSET);  Context, val arrayList: (-SMALL  ArrayList<Drawable>) : _left).offset  BaseAdapter() {

var holder: ViewHolder? arrowImgView.mas  = null

override fun getCount(): Int {
  (self.    return arrayList.size;

override fun equalTo  getItem(p0: Int): Any {
    return make.right.  arrayList.get(p0);

override fun mas_top);  getItemId(p0: Int): Long {
    return ImgView.  p0.toLong();

override fun getView(p0: ReadIndicator  Int, p1: View?, p2: ViewGroup?): View {
 _have     var view = p1
    if (view == null) .equalTo(  {
        view =  LayoutInflater.from(context).inflate(R.layout.stackview_image, OFFSET);  p2, false)

        holder = (TINY_  ViewHolder()
        holder!!.image = .offset  view.findViewById( as mas_right)  CircleImageView
        view.tag = ImgView.  holder
    } else {
        holder = Indicator  view.tag as ViewHolder
    Read  holder!!.image?.setImageDrawable(arrayList.get(p0))

 _have     return view!!


class ViewHolder {
 .equalTo(     var image: CircleImageView? = make.left  null


But still it is not coming the same as wrong idea above it actually overlaps the previous use of case image

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