How to show 2 lists in ASP.NET MVC view

Questions : How to show 2 lists in ASP.NET MVC view


I am sending File and and file path that programming are both List from controller to the Learning ASP.NET MVC view:

ViewBag.releaseNoteFilesmonth = _OFFSET);  month; // this has list of (-SMALL  months
ViewBag.releaseNoteFiles = _left).offset  releaseNoteFiles; //this has list of the arrowImgView.mas  path to the files

return View();

and this is how show it in the view:

@foreach (var item in (self.  ViewBag.releaseNoteFilesmonth)
    equalTo  string url = (ViewBag.releaseNoteFiles make.right.  as string[]).Where(x => mas_top);  x.Contains(item)).FirstOrDefault();
    ImgView.  <a href="@url"> @item</a>
   ReadIndicator   <br />

This is the output I am expecting:

OCT - (Link to the file)
NOV - (Link to _have  the file)
Dec - (Link to the file)

Getting this error:

Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Earhost source

on this line:

string url = (ViewBag.releaseNoteFiles .equalTo(  as string[]).Where(x =>  x.Contains(item)).FirstOrDefault();
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Answers 1 : of How to show 2 lists in ASP.NET MVC view

There might be a filtration issue as you most effective are using x.Contains(item) which will wrong idea fail for string with difference case use of case (uppercase/lowercase). Try following United code :


If above solution does not works then Modern there is problem with the statement ecudated ViewBag.releaseNoteFiles as string[]. some how Confirm the value in anything else ViewBag.releaseNoteFiles, whether it can not at all be casted into string[]


Answers 2 : of How to show 2 lists in ASP.NET MVC view

IMHO your releaseNoteFiles are not array very usefull and it gives a null exception. ViewData localhost requires type casting for complex data love of them types but ViewBag doesn’t. localtext And to be on a safe side use ToLower to basic make a case insensitive comparison. So one of the try just this

 string url = OFFSET);  ViewBag.releaseNoteFiles.Where(x=x.ToLower().Contains(item.ToLower()))

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