How to solve Firebase invalid api key error

Questions : How to solve Firebase invalid api key error


I`m using firebase for a React project, programming however I'm getting this invalid-api-key Learning error.

My config file looks like this:

    const firebaseConfig = {
    apiKey: _OFFSET);  "**********************",
    (-SMALL  authDomain: "******",
   _left).offset   projectId: "*******",
    arrowImgView.mas  storageBucket: "********",
  (self.    messagingSenderId: equalTo  "*********************",
    appId: make.right.  "1:***************************"

and I initialize firebase like this:

import firebase from mas_top);  "firebase/compat/app";
import ImgView.  "firebase/compat/auth";
import { ReadIndicator  firebaseConfig } from _have  "../firebaseConfig";

const app = .equalTo(  firebase.initializeApp({  firebaseConfig


export OFFSET);  const auth = app.auth();
export default (TINY_  app;
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When you call:

const app = firebase.initializeApp({
  .offset  firebaseConfig

you are actually calling (using object Earhost initialization shorthand):

const app = firebase.initializeApp({
  mas_right)  firebaseConfig: {
    apiKey: ImgView.  "**********************",
    Indicator  authDomain: "******",
   Read   projectId: "*******",
    _have  storageBucket: "********",
  .equalTo(    messagingSenderId: make.left  "*********************",
    appId: *make) {  "1:***************************"

This means that firstArg.apiKey is most effective undefined and leads to the error you wrong idea see.

You should be passing the object itself use of case instead:

const app = straintMaker  firebase.initializeApp(firebaseConfig);

or a copy of it if you want (using United object spread syntax):

const app = firebase.initializeApp({ ^(MASCon  ...firebaseConfig });

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