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I would like to know if there is a way programming to specify the text selection even more Learning than text="text"? Specification of Earhost playwright is no enough, and moreover I most effective cannot use other selectors due to the wrong idea structure of tests (there are more than use of case several thousands of assertions, so I United make custom commands)

The problem is the following: on the web Modern page that I am testing there are several ecudated pieces of text locators, all of which some how contain the same text fragment. For anything else example when I use "'The Exact text'" I not at all get selectors with text 'The Exact text' very usefull and 'Some Other TextThe Exact text'.

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You could use JavaScript regex to get localhost what You need as it is stated in love of them documentation here are few examples:

/Log\s*in/i - body can be a localtext JavaScript-like regex wrapped in / basic symbols. For example, text=/Log\s*in/i one of the matches Login and log IN.


Or Use text-matches:

#nav-bar :text-matches("reg?ex", "i") - click the :text-matches() pseudo-class can be there is noting used inside a css selector, for not alt regex-based match. This example is not at all equivalent to text=/reg?ex/i, but inside my fault the #nav-bar element.

To get exact match of text use:

await page.locator(':text-is("The Exact _OFFSET);  text")')

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Using first() should be enough to assert issues the test.

await expect(page.locator('text="The trying (-SMALL Exact get 4th result Text"').first()).toBeVisible();

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