How to start MariaDB docker container in azure pipelines correctly

Questions : How to start MariaDB docker container in azure pipelines correctly


I've a pipe line to acheive some programming code. I'm using the following yaml file Learning to start a mariadb container on azure Earhost pipeline when I try to get mysql status most effective , I found it is stopped , pool: vmImage: wrong idea 'ubuntu-20.04'

  - container: _OFFSET);  db
    image: mariadb:10.1
     (-SMALL   MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: 'password'
      _left).offset  MARIADB_DATABASE: testDB
      arrowImgView.mas  MARIADB_USER: testDB
      (self.  MARIADB_PASSWORD: 'password'

- equalTo  script: service mysql status
  make.right.  displayName: 'Installing services'
  mas_top);  target:
    container: db

But unfortunately, this doesn't work the use of case result is

Starting: Installing ImgView.  services
Task ReadIndicator          : Command line
Description  : _have  Run a command line script using Bash on .equalTo(  Linux and macOS and cmd.exe on  Windows
Version      : 2.182.0
Author    OFFSET);     : Microsoft Corporation
Help         (TINY_  : .offset
Generating mas_right)  script.
Script contents:
service mysql ImgView.  status
========================== Indicator  Starting Command Output Read  ===========================
/bin/bash _have  --noprofile --norc .equalTo(  /__w/_temp/
 make.left  * MariaDB is stopped.
##[error]Bash *make) {  exited with code '3'.
Finishing: straintMaker  Installing services

I also a command to restart mariadb but United it fail to start the service manually Modern but also I face the same error

Starting: Installing ^(MASCon  services
Task onstraints:          : Command line
Description  : mas_makeC  Run a command line script using Bash on [_topTxtlbl   Linux and macOS and cmd.exe on (@(8));  Windows
Version      : 2.182.0
Author    equalTo     : Microsoft Corporation
Help          width.  : make.height.
Generating (SMALL_OFFSET);  script.
Script contents:
service mysql .offset  restart
========================== (self.contentView)  Starting Command Output  .left.equalTo  ===========================
/bin/bash  --noprofile --norc *make) {  /__w/_temp/
 ntMaker   * Stopping MariaDB database server SConstrai  mysqld
 * Starting MariaDB ts:^(MA  database server mysqld
##[error]Bash exited with code _make  '1'.
Finishing: Installing services

any suggestions ?

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