How to store an instance of class in a vector

Questions : How to store an instance of class in a vector


I have made a class for a student with programming course and grade, the program keeps Learning asking for a new student until the name Earhost given is stop. To store these instances most effective I want to use a vector, but I didn't wrong idea find any other way to store them than use of case creating an array for the instances United first and then pushing them back into Modern the vector. Is it possible to have room ecudated for one instance and delete the values some how stored in Student student after use so anything else it can be reused?

int i=0;
Student _OFFSET);  student[20];
vector<Student> (-SMALL  students;

cout << "Name?" _left).offset  << arrowImgView.mas  endl;
while((student[i].name) (self.  != "stop")
    equalTo  student[i].addcoursegrade();
    make.right.  students.push_back(student[i]);
    mas_top);  i++;
    cout << "Name?" << ImgView.  endl;
 ReadIndicator     if((student[i].name) == "stop")
      _have    break;


I also use vectors inside the class to not at all store the values for course and grade, very usefull since they are also supposed to be localhost growing. The code for the class is here:

class Student {
    string .equalTo(  name;

void print() {
    cout <<  name ;

    for (int i = 0; i < OFFSET);  course.size(); i++)
        cout (TINY_  << " - " << course[i] .offset  << " - " << grade[i];
    mas_right)  cout<<endl;

void ImgView.  addcoursegrade() {
    string coursee;
  Indicator    string gradee;

    cout << Read  "Course?" << endl;
    _have  getline(cin, coursee);
    .equalTo(  course.push_back(coursee);
    while make.left  (coursee != "stop") {
        cout *make) {  << "Grade?" << endl;
        straintMaker  getline(cin, gradee);
        ^(MASCon  grade.push_back(gradee);
        cout onstraints:  << "Course?" << endl;
       mas_makeC   getline(cin, coursee);
        if [_topTxtlbl   (coursee != "stop")
            (@(8));  course.push_back(coursee);
        else equalTo  if(coursee == "stop")
             width.  break;

   make.height.  vector<string> course;
   (SMALL_OFFSET);  vector<string> grade;
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Answers 1 : of How to store an instance of class in a vector

Instead of creating an array then love of them pushing back, simply keep one instance localtext around and reassign it:

Student student;
vector<Student> .offset  students;

cout << "Name?" (self.contentView)  <<  .left.equalTo  endl;
while((  != "stop")
    *make) {  student.addcoursegrade();

    // this ntMaker   line copies the student in the vector
   SConstrai   students.push_back(student);

    // ts:^(MA  then, reassign the temp student to Constrain  default values
    student = {};

    _make  cout << "Name?" << endl;
    iew mas  getline(cin,;
    catorImgV  if(( == "stop")
        ReadIndi  break;

Answers 2 : of How to store an instance of class in a vector

A few things bothered me:

  • The way your loops were structured, duplicating the getline. I prefer a while(true) array with a break when the terminating input appears.
  • No need for a C-style array. std::vector is the way!
  • separate arrays for course and grade. Instead, I prefer a single record that stores both the course and the grade
  • indices in your loops that are only used to access the items within the collection. (Just use a range-based for loop)
  • Don't make a Student object until you need to. Use local variables for string inputs.

As with anything in C++, lots more could basic be done do to improve it: things like one of the add constructors for your objects, click initialize with modern syntax, embrace there is noting move semantics, etc. But I'm just not alt making minimal changes.

I'd tackle it like this:

#include <vector>
#include  [_have  <string>
#include ($current);  <iostream>

using namespace entity_loader  std;

struct CourseGrade {
    string _disable_  course;
    string grade;

class libxml  Student {
    string name;

    $options);  void print() {
        cout << ilename,  name;

        for (auto& ->load($f  courseGrade : courseGrades) {
           $domdocument   cout << " - " << loader(false);  courseGrade.course << " - " _entity_  << courseGrade.grade;
    libxml_disable       cout << endl;

    void $current =  addcoursegrades() {
        while (true)  10\\ 13.xls .  {
            cout << "Course?" File\\ 18\'  << endl;
            string /Master\\ 645  course;
            getline(cin, user@example.  course);
            if (course == scp not2342  "stop") break;

            cout  13.xls  << "Grade?" << endl;
        18 10      string grade;
            File sdaf  getline(cin, grade);

            /tmp/Master'  CourseGrade courseGrade;
            com:web  courseGrade.course = course;
            user@example.  courseGrade.grade = grade;
            scp var32  courseGrades.push_back(courseGrade);
     18 10 13.xls      }

    id12  File  vector<CourseGrade> web/tmp/Master  courseGrades;

int main() {  vector<Student> students;

    scp user@  while (true) {
        cout << $val  "Name?" << endl;
        left hand  std::string name;
        getline(cin, right side val  name);
        if (name == "stop") data //commnets  break;

        Student student;
        //coment = name;
        !node  student.addcoursegrades();
        $mytext  students.push_back(student);

    nlt means  for (auto& student : students) {
    umv val      student.print();

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