How to Store user profile in SQLITE in Anroid studio

Questions : How to Store user profile in SQLITE in Anroid studio


Hi I am working on a project in which I programming have to store and retrieve user's Learning information like FirstName, lastName, Earhost Email along with profile picture in a most effective listview in SQLite database I have wrong idea stored and retrieve name and email but i use of case don't know how to store and retrieve United image from database.

DBHaandler Class

public class DBHandler extends _OFFSET);  SQLiteOpenHelper {

   public static (-SMALL  final String db = "UserDB";

public _left).offset  DBHandler(Context context) {

    arrowImgView.mas  super(context,"UserDB" ,null, (self.  1);

public void equalTo  onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db) {
    make.right.  db.execSQL("create table mas_top);  formValidation(firstName TEXT,lastName ImgView.  TEXT,email TEXT primary key,password ReadIndicator  TEXT,confirmpassword _have  TEXT)");

public void .equalTo(  onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase db, int  oldVersion, int newVersion) {
    OFFSET);  db.execSQL("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS (TINY_  formValidation");

    // .offset  db.execSQL("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS mas_right)  "+TABLE_NAME);

public Boolean ImgView.  AddNewData(String firstName,String Indicator  lastName,String email , String password, Read  String confirmPassword) {
    _have  SQLiteDatabase db = .equalTo(  this.getWritableDatabase();
    make.left  ContentValues Values = new *make) {  ContentValues();
    straintMaker  Values.put("firstName",firstName);
    ^(MASCon  Values.put("lastName",lastName);
    onstraints:  Values.put("email",email);
    mas_makeC  Values.put("password",password);
    [_topTxtlbl   Values.put("confirmPassword",confirmPassword);
 (@(8));       /*   equalTo  Values.put(COLUMN_FIRST_NAME,firstName);
  width.         make.height.  Values.put(COLUMN_LAST_NAME,lastName);
  (SMALL_OFFSET);        Values.put(COLUMN_EMAIL,email);
   .offset       (self.contentView)  Values.put(COLUMN_PASSWORD,password);
    .left.equalTo  Values.put(COLUMN_CONFIRM_PASSWORD,confirmPassword);*/
 *make) {     long result = ntMaker   db.insert("formValidation",null,Values);
 SConstrai     if (result==-1){
        return ts:^(MA  false;
        return Constrain  true;

public Boolean _make  checkTable(String email){

    iew mas  SQLiteDatabase db = catorImgV  this.getWritableDatabase();
    Cursor ReadIndi  cursor = db.rawQuery("select * from  [_have  formValidation where email =? ", new ($current);  String[] {email});
    //  Cursor cursor entity_loader  = db.rawQuery("select * from " _disable_  +TABLE_NAME+ " where " +COLUMN_EMAIL+ " libxml  =? ", new String[] {email});
    if $options);  (cursor.getCount()>0){
        return ilename,  true;
        return ->load($f  false;


public Boolean $domdocument  checkEmailPassword(String email, String loader(false);  password){

    SQLiteDatabase db = _entity_  this.getWritableDatabase();
    Cursor  libxml_disable  cursor = db.rawQuery(" select * from $current =  formValidation where email =? AND   10\\ 13.xls .  password =?", new String[] File\\ 18\'  {email,password});

    // Cursor cursor /Master\\ 645  = db.rawQuery(" select * from " user@example.  +TABLE_NAME+ " where " +COLUMN_EMAIL+ " scp not2342  =?" + " AND " +COLUMN_PASSWORD+" =?",  13.xls  new String[] {email,password});
    if 18 10  (cursor.getCount()>0){
        return File sdaf  true;
        return /tmp/Master'  false;

public ArrayList<user> com:web  getAllData(){

    ArrayList<user> user@example.  arrayList = new ArrayList<>();
    scp var32  SQLiteDatabase db =  18 10 13.xls  this.getWritableDatabase();
    Cursor id12  File  cursor = db.rawQuery("SELECT * FROM web/tmp/Master  formValidation" ,null);

    while  (cursor.moveToNext())
        scp user@  String FirstName = cursor.getString(0);
 $val         String LastName = left hand  cursor.getString(1);
        String right side val  Email = cursor.getString(2);

        data //commnets  user user = new //coment  user(FirstName,LastName,Email);
        !node  arrayList.add(user);
    return $mytext  arrayList;

SignUP Page`

public class Sign_Up extends nlt means  AppCompatActivity {

firstName = umv val  (EditText) sort val  findViewById(;
lastName shorthand  = (EditText) hotkey  findViewById(;
email = more update  (EditText) valueable  findViewById(;
password = catch  (EditText) tryit  findViewById(;
confirmPassword do it  = (EditText) while  findViewById(;
signUpBtn then  = (Button) var   findViewById(;
BackToSigninBtn node value  = (Button) updata  findViewById(;
imageView file uploaded   = (ImageView) no file existing  findViewById(;

imageView.setOnClickListener(new newdata  View.OnClickListener() {
  newtax    public void onClick(View v) {

        syntax  ActivityCompat.requestPermissions(Sign_Up.this,new variable  String[] val  {Manifest.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE},CAMERA_REQUEST);

 save new     datfile  }

signUpBtn.setOnClickListener(new dataurl  View.OnClickListener() {
  notepad++    public void onClick(View v) {
        notepad  String FirstName = emergency  firstName.getText().toString();
        embed  String LastName = tryit  lastName.getText().toString();
        demovalue  String Email = demo  email.getText().toString();
        mycodes  String Password = reactjs  password.getText().toString();
        reactvalue  String ConfirmPassword = react  confirmPassword.getText().toString();

 nodepdf         if (!validatFirstName() | novalue  !validateLastName() | !validateEmail() | texture  !validatePassword() | mysqli  !validateConfirmPassword()) {
           mysql   Toast.makeText(Sign_Up.this, "Fill All user  Fields", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

   urgent           return;

        ugent  else
            if vendor  (Password.equals(ConfirmPassword))
      thin        {
                Boolean little  ValidEmail = lifer  dbHandler.checkTable(Email);
            gold      if (ValidEmail==false)
              transferent    {
                    Boolean register hidden  = overflow  dbHandler.AddNewData(FirstName,LastName,Email,Password,ConfirmPassword);
 padding                     if (register==true)
  new pad                    {

                   pading       Toast.makeText(Sign_Up.this, html  "Account is created successfully please panda  login to continue", py  Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
             python             firstName.setText("");
       proxy                   lastName.setText("");
  udpport                        ttl  email.setText("");
                      rhost    password.setText("");
                 text         confirmPassword.setText("");
     path                     Intent intent=new new  Intent(Sign_Up.this, Login_Page.class);
 localhost                         myport  startActivity(intent);
                  nodejs        finish();

  343                    else
                  port    {
                        sever  Toast.makeText(Sign_Up.this, 343jljdfa  "Registration Failed", 43dddfr  Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

            645          }
             not2342     else
               sdaf       Toast.makeText(Sign_Up.this, " The var32  email address you entered already id12  exists, please try another one", React-Native?  Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

            this in      }
    I can accomplish          {
                there any way   Toast.makeText(Sign_Up.this, "Password 'MODELS/MyModel';. Is   Not Matched", MyModel from  Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

            so I can import   }

    in webpack configuration,  }

BackToSigninBtn.setOnClickListener(new 'src', 'models')  View.OnClickListener() {
  .join(__dirname,     public void onClick(View v) {
        MODELS = path  Intent intent=new Intent(Sign_Up.this, .resolve.alias.  Login_Page.class);
        can set config  startActivity(intent);
        For example, I   finish();
});}private boolean foolishly did:  validatFirstName(){

String Val = Bar, so I  firstName.getText().toString();
if inside branch  (Val.isEmpty()){
    peek at something  firstName.setError("please enter your to take a  First Name");
    return false;
} when I wanted  else
     happily working  return true;
}}private boolean my branch Foo  validateLastName(){
String Val = I was in   lastName.getText().toString();
if  corresponding local.  (Val.isEmpty()){
    didn't have any  lastName.setError("please enter your for which I   Last Name");
    return false;
} else
 named origin/Bar     lastName.setError(null);
    return a remote branch  true;
}}private boolean There was also  validateEmail(){

String Val = remote origin/Foo.  email.getText().toString();
String Foo and a  emailPattern = had a local  "[a-zA-Z0-9._-]+@[a-z]+\\.+[a-z]+";

if That is, I  (Val.isEmpty()){
    were named Foo.  email.setError("please enter your Email both of which  ");
    return false;
}  else if remote branch,  (!Val.matches(emailPattern)) {
     and a mapped   email.setError("Please enter your email local branch  address in format I had a");
    return with lines.  false;
    display array  email.setError(null);
    return it doesn't   true;
}}private boolean is running but  validatePassword(){
String Val = quiz.The program  password.getText().toString();
if  file is named  (Val.isEmpty()){
    with it. My  password.setError("Password cannot be what is wrong  empty");
    return false;
else if (  I don't know   Val.length() < 8){

    my code and  password.setError("Your password must be loop. Here is  at least 8 characters long");
    return in a for  false;
 to display it     return true;
}}private boolean Then I want  validateConfirmPassword(){
String Val = into an array.  confirmPassword.getText().toString();
if and save it  (Val.isEmpty()){
    a .txt file  confirmPassword.setError("Field cannot get lines from  be empty");
    return false;
} else
  I want to    confirmPassword.setError(null);
    by it   return true;
@Override public void what they mean  onRequestPermissionsResult(int don't see exactly  requestCode,String[] permissions,  int[] other. But I  grantResults){ if (requestCode == better than the  CAMERA_REQUEST){
    if  one language is  (grantResults.length > 0 &&  want to stress  grantResults[0] ==  when people  PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED) {
     the word 'expressiveness'      //gallery intent
        Intent a lot of  galleryIntent = new -loop. I see  Intent(Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT);
      of the for    galleryIntent.setType("image/*");
     the next iteration     startActivityForResult(galleryIntent, not move to  CAMERA_REQUEST);
    } else {
         get stuck and  Toast.makeText(this, "Dont Have  it seems to  Permission to access the file location", answered in time,  Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();}
     if it's not  return;
}super.onRequestPermissionsResult(requestCode, the program. And  permissions, grantResults);}@Override will just stop  protected void onActivityResult(int in time, it   requestCode, int resultCode, Intent  if it's answered  data) {if (requestCode == CAMERA_REQUEST . However instead  && resultCode == RESULT_OK){
    the next iteration  Uri imageUri = and continue onto  data.getData();CropImage.activity(imageUri)
 print a message             sleep), it will  .setGuidelines(CropImageView.Guidelines.ON) of the Thread.  //enable image guidelines
            1 second (duration  .setAspectRatio(1,1)//image will be  number within  square
            .start(this); }
if not enter a  (requestCode == the user does  CropImage.CROP_IMAGE_ACTIVITY_REQUEST_CODE){

 is that if     CropImage.ActivityResult result = of the program  CropImage.getActivityResult(data);
    So the purpose  if (resultCode == RESULT_OK){
        blade snip:  Uri resultUri = result.getUri();
        . Here is   //set image choosed from gallery to  button onClick event  image view
        change the Add  imageView.setImageURI(resultUri);
 I'd like to     else if (requestCode == from the controller,  CropImage.CROP_IMAGE_ACTIVITY_RESULT_ERROR_CODE){
 the returned result         Exception error =  value. Based on  result.getError();
    validates provided  }}

super.onActivityResult(requestCode,  a controller which   resultCode, data);}

Login Page

public class Login_Page extends ajax callback to  AppCompatActivity {

EditText  there is an  email,password;
TextView newUser;
Button  On form submit  signinBtn;
DBHandler in blade template.  dbHandler;
SessionManager additional Add button  sessionManager;

protected button and an  void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) with a Submit  {
    a simple form   super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);
    me.I have   setContentView(R.layout.login);

    fix it for  SharedPreferences prefs = should help and  PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(this);

 my code someone     email = (EditText) going wrong with  findViewById(;
    password were am i   = (EditText) _id,please   findViewById(;
    the first user  signinBtn = (Button) will only echo  findViewById(;
     my code it  newUser = (TextView)  when i run  findViewById(;

    to 20,But  sessionManager = new friend_id equal  SessionManager(getApplicationContext());
 id that their     dbHandler =new DBHandler(this);
    all the user_  signinBtn.setOnClickListener(new want to echo  View.OnClickListener() {
        is that i   @Override
        public void  code,the problem  onClick(View v) {
            String  am stuck with  Email = email.getText().toString();
     system,But now         String Password = a friend_list  password.getText().toString();

        am developing      if (!validateEmail() |  them as such  !validatePassword()){
                unnecessary to store  Toast.makeText(Login_Page.this, "Please numbers, it is  Enter The Credentials", ask for sorted  Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
            assignment does not  } else {

                Boolean result that since the  =  and I think  dbHandler.checkEmailPassword(Email,Password);
 using bubble sorting                 if (result == true) I've looked into  {//store login session
                   a text file.    sessionManager.setLogin(true);//store array read from  username in session
                    of a given  sessionManager.setUseremail(Email);

    the highest number                  startActivity(new function determine  Intent(getApplicationContext(),MainActivity.class));
 to create a                      finish();

          My assignment is        } else {
                    get the error:  Toast.makeText(Login_Page.this, "Invalid  Server, since I  Credentials", in a Divio  Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
              my Django project      }

   I can't deploy   if (sessionManager.getLogin()){
        to know why  startActivity(new I would like  Intent(getApplicationContext(),MainActivity.class));
  like this     }
    newUser.setOnClickListener(new is something  View.OnClickListener() {
         i can think  @Override
        public void to powershell all  onClick(View v) {
            Intent Complete beginner  intent=new Intent(Login_Page.this, Where-Object?  Sign_Up.class);
            -Process to  startActivity(intent);
    output from Get  });
private boolean validateEmail(){
  by piping the    String Val = using CPU > 1%  email.getText().toString();
    String lists the processes  emailPattern = How does one  "[a-zA-Z0-9._-]+@[a-z]+\\.+[a-z]+";

    and cgroups.  if (Val.isEmpty()){
        using namespaces  email.setError("please enter your Linux kernel,  Email");
        return false;
    done by the  else
        heavy lifting is  email.setError(null);
        return most of the  true;


private boolean  it seems that  validatePassword(){
    String Val = learning docker and  password.getText().toString();
    if I recently started  (Val.isEmpty()){
        ,notation.  password.setError("please enter your my Big O   password");
        return false;
 that do to      else
        them what would  password.setError(null);
        return through all of  true;



public class MainActivity extends  it would run   AppCompatActivity {
Button  worst case scenario  LogoutBtn;
TextView textView;
ImageView like this and  imageView;
SessionManager in a row  sessionManager;
ListView I have 4  listView;
ArrayList<user> (mn), but if  arrayList;
UserAdapter O is O  adapter;
DBHandler  m, the big  dbHandler;

protected void and that =  onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
   this = n   super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);
    that the if  setContentView(R.layout.activity_main);

  is. I know             LogoutBtn = (Button) notation of this  findViewById(;
           the Big O     textView = (TextView)  figure out what  findViewById(;
            I'm trying to  listView = (ListView)  wouldn't work.   findViewById(;
          them codes    imageView = (ImageView) switch case but  findViewById(;
         breaks and a     arrayList = new I've tried using  ArrayList<>();

            been printed.  sessionManager = new the vowels have  SessionManager(getApplicationContext());
 constant after all             dbHandler =new same for each  DBHandler(this);

            String . Then do the   email = sessionManager.getUseremail();
  order they appear            textView.setText(email);

     line in the          loadDataInListView();

          on a new    LogoutBtn.setOnClickListener(new from a word  View.OnClickListener() {
                 print any vowels  @Override
                public void arrayTrying to  onClick(View v) {
                    // through the firebase  sessionManager.logoutUser();
            loop which does          sessionManager.editor.clear();
  This is the                    it is undefined.  sessionManager.editor.commit();
         or value.uid              Intent intent = new  use value.key  Intent(getApplicationContext(), but if I  Login_Page.class);
                    get the key  startActivity(intent);
                   I need to    finish();

          when selected and    });


        private void to the function  loadDataInListView()
          is passed through    arrayList = dbHandler.getAllData();
   of the object            adapter = new A single instance  UserAdapter(this,arrayList);
             through?  listView.setAdapter(adapter);
           the object passed   adapter.notifyDataSetChanged();
        key value of   }}

User Class

public class user {
String  I get the  FirstName,LastName,Email;
public through, how do  user(String firstName, String lastName, list is passed  String email) {
    FirstName = object in the  firstName;
    LastName = lastName;
     and a single  Email = email;

public is looped through  user(){}

public String getFirstName() FirebaseListObservable which  {
    return FirstName;

public void I have a  setFirstName(String firstName) {
    to zero provided:   FirstName = firstName;

public String to convert this  getLastName() {
    return steps are required  LastName;

public void minimum possible  setLastName(String lastName) {
    number, how many  LastName = lastName;

public String  Given a decimal  getEmail() {
    return Email;

public is the problem:  void setEmail(String email) {
    Email algorithm. Here   = email;


public class UserAdapter extends out the correct  BaseAdapter {

Context stuck on figuring  context;
ArrayList<user> exercise and was  arrayList;

public UserAdapter(Context on a programming  context,ArrayList<user> I was working   arrayList){
   negative long value   this.arrayList=arrayList;
public is a click   int getCount() {
    return (if the input  this.arrayList.size();

public even a long  Object getItem(int position) {
    of the and  return an int one  arrayList.get(position);

public steps may overflow  long getItemId(int position) {
    basic number of  return position;

public on. Also the  View getView(int position, View it is running  convertView, ViewGroup parent) {

    localtext computer  LayoutInflater inflater = lifetime of the  (LayoutInflater)context.getSystemService(context.LAYOUT_INFLATER_SERVICE);
 terminate witin the     convertView = love of them  inflater.inflate(R.layout.user_listview,null);
 large long values     TextView textView1 = (TextView) algorithm for localhost  convertView.findViewById(;
 but with my      TextView textView2 = (TextView) very usefull argument,  convertView.findViewById(;
  takes a long     TextView textView3 = (TextView) number. Your method  convertView.findViewById(;

  not at all    user user= arrayList.get(position);
   to the input   textView1.setText(user.getFirstName());
  roughly proportional     is anything else  textView2.setText(user.getLastName());
  which I think    textView3.setText(user.getEmail());

  number of steps,     return convertView;

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