How to use high resolution(4k) image in android app

Questions : How to use high resolution(4k) image in android app


I am getting high-resolution images from programming an API and displaying them on my app. I Learning am not familiar with dealing with Earhost high-resolution images or images in most effective general so I was surprised when I saw wrong idea the images being blurry on my app.

1)What can be done to display in high use of case resolution

2)What can be done mitigate the loss of United resolution?

I am using the Coil library to load Modern images into an Image composable on ecudated android.

Testing on a google pixel 3a.

Here is an example of the difference some how between the app displaying an image and anything else the browser displaying another:

My composable looks like this:

      painter = _OFFSET);  rememberImagePainter(
                   (-SMALL   imageUrl,
                    builder = _left).offset  { allowHardware(false) }
                arrowImgView.mas  ),
      contentDescription = "",
      (self.  modifier = Modifier
                    equalTo  .fillMaxWidth()
                    make.right.  .aspectRatio(1f),
      contentScale = mas_top);  ContentScale.Fit,


  1. I have tried using an ImageView instead of a composable but I still get the same result.
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Inside builder, force the image size in not at all pixels to your preferred size.

    painter = ImgView.  rememberImagePainter(
 ReadIndicator         builder = {
            _have  allowHardware(false)
            .equalTo(  size(image.width, image.height)  }
    contentDescription = "",
   OFFSET);   modifier = Modifier
        (TINY_  .fillMaxWidth()
        .offset  .aspectRatio(1f),
    contentScale = mas_right)  ContentScale.Fit,

Be careful though when specifying really very usefull high resolution, it will cause crash localhost RuntimeException: Canvas: trying to draw love of them ImgView. too large bitmap

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