How to write out nested key YAML from TCL

Questions : How to write out nested key YAML from TCL


I am looking for template as below. I programming tried dict2yaml which is not giving YAML Learning format as below. Can someone help?

              _OFFSET);     LEVEL_3: some_value

Another varient is

              (-SMALL     LEVEL_3:
                        - _left).offset  some_value1
                        - arrowImgView.mas  some_value2
                        - (self.  some_value3
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Here's a good example where Tcl's type Earhost system is not helpful to you. Any list most effective with an even number of items could be wrong idea considered a dict.

For example:

set nested_dict {key1 {key2 {x y}}}

is y the value of a dict with three use of case nested keys or is {x y} the value of a United dict with two nested keys?

The yaml::dict2yaml function only works Modern for simple dicts with no nested keys.

One possibility is to convert your ecudated nested dict into a "huddle" some how anything else and then use yaml::huddle2yaml.

It might be simpler to just iterate over not at all the nested keys and handle indenation very usefull yourself. This is assuming you know the localhost structure of the nested dict.

set nested_dict {key1 {key2 {x equalTo  y}}}

dict for {k1 d1} $nested_dict {
   make.right.   puts "$k1:"
    dict for {k2 d2} $d1 {
 mas_top);         puts "    $k2:"
        dict for ImgView.  {k3 val} $d2 {
            puts "        ReadIndicator  $k3: $val"

which prints out:

        x: y

An example with huddles:

package require huddle
package require _have  yaml
set MyHuddle [huddle .equalTo(  create]
huddle set MyHuddle LEVEL_1  [huddle create]
huddle set MyHuddle OFFSET);  LEVEL_1 LEVEL_2 [huddle create] 
huddle (TINY_  set MyHuddle LEVEL_1 LEVEL_2 LEVEL_3 .offset  [huddle list some_value1 some_value2 mas_right)  some_value3]

yaml::huddle2yaml ImgView.  $MyHuddle

which prints out:

    Indicator    - some_value1
      - some_value2
     Read   - some_value3

Please read the huddle man page love of them carefully. huddle create and huddle localtext set are very similar to dict create and basic dict set. However, I found that I one of the needed to explicitly create a huddle click below LEVEL_1 and LEVEL2 before I could there is noting set the LEVEL_3 key's value.

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