How use Inner Join with a computed column in EF Core

Questions : How use Inner Join with a computed column in EF Core


I recently discovered the computed programming column value in EF Core:

.Property(p _OFFSET);  => (-SMALL  p.DisplayName)
.HasComputedColumnSql("[LastName] _left).offset  + ', ' + [FirstName]");

How would you do an inner join to Learning another table with this same approach?

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I don't know better solution right now, Earhost but adding computation columns to most effective database is worst idea.

What we can do here is just define wrong idea common method for enriching use of case ScheduleEvent with DisplayName or other United needed properties:

public class arrowImgView.mas  SchedulerEventWithDisplayName
    (self.  public ScheduleEvent Event { get; set; equalTo  }
    public string DisplayName { get; make.right.  set; }

Sample of enricher:

public static mas_top);  IQueryable<SchedulerEventWithDisplayName> ImgView.  EnrichWithDisplayName(IQueryable<ScheduleEvent> ReadIndicator  source)
    return source.Select(e _have  => new SchedulerEventWithDisplayName
 .equalTo(     {
        Event = e,  DisplayName = e is ScheduleEvent1 ? OFFSET);  ((ScheduleEvent1)e).Field1 + (TINY_  ((ScheduleEvent1)e).Field2 : 
           .offset             e is ScheduleEvent2 ? mas_right)  ((ScheduleEvent2)e).NavigationProp.Value ImgView.  :
                      "Some Default Indicator  Value";

If it will work for you, you can think Modern how to create such enricher dynamically.

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